Our Projects

This page provides links to our future planned projects and completed projects.

2020 Projects

Projects planned for 2020 – HRGS’s projects planned for the coming year

WW1 Projects

WW1 Project – Research into the fallen of Swale

Wall of Reflection – Commemorate wall to the fallen of Sittingbourne and neighbouring parishes

Swale Remembers – The grateful people of Swale remember the fallen from WW1 who died over a 100 years ago

HRGS Peace Day Celebrations Centenary Event – June the 29th 2019 was a momentous day, when the local community all came together to participate in, and witness a unique event.

New CWGC Headstone for WW1 14 year old – Swale’s youngest WW1 casualty Alec Ernest Grigg given new CWGC headstone.

Arras Peace Event – HRGS were delighted to be selected to be part of the Canterbury Diocese contingent to attend a peace event ‘Faites la Paix’ held in Arras, France.

WW2 Projects

The Train that Jumped the Gap – Remembering a Second World War Rail Disaster at Bridge 181, Oak Lane Upchurch, Kent.

Archaeological Projects

Rose HIll Project – HRGS, has been investigating the area of land, just behind Gore Court Cricket Club on London Road. It was here that once stood the site of Rose Hill House, which was demolished in the 1970s.

Rose Hill Trail – A guide to the Rose Hill site.

Handling History – HRGS hold sessions for young people to handle artefacts.

Archaeological Field Unit – HRGS have been excavating at Bredhurst since 2011 and this page includes information on the dig.