Research Room and Library

The Heritage Hub in the Forum has a Research Room available for members. This provides access to our library and local parish records.

Books available to our members:

Kent Airfields in the Battle of Britain
(Iwade – Archaeological survey
0 Famous Kent
1066: The Feudal Revolution
17th Century Miscellany
1881 British Census and National Index CDs
1907-1957 Settle Speakman & Co
1915 The Death of Innocence
1975 Carnival Programme
1991 Census definitions
2014-18 Great War Centenary
30th Corps in Germany
50 Years of Shell Research at Sittingbourne 1945-1995
A Book of Reference to the Parish of Sittingbourne 1791
A Book of Scripts
A Bridge to the Future
A Bronze Age Settlement at Kemsley,nr Sittingbourne Kent
A Case of Witchcraft
A Change For the Better?
A Change For the Better?
A Country Camera 1844-1914
A Dictionary of Archaeology
A Dictionary of English Surnames. Revised by R.M.Wilson
A Dictionary of the Kentish Dialect
A Dictionary of the Kentish Dialect
A Dictionary of the Kentish Dialect
A Dictionary of the Kentish Dialect
A Gazetteer of Medieval Houses in Kent
A General View of the Agriculture of Kent
A General View of the Agriculture of Kent
A General View of the Agriculture of Kent
A General View of the Agriculture of Kent
A General’s Letters to his son on commissioning
A Guide to Second World War Archaeology in Suffolk – Guide 1: Lowestoft to Southwold
A Guide to Second World War Archaeology in Suffolk – Guide 2: Walberswick to Aldeburgh
A Guide to Second World War Archaeology in Suffolk – Guide 3: Orford to Felixstowe
A Guide to Second World War Archaeology in Suffolk – Guide 4: Stoplines
A Guide to the Pilgrim’s Way
A Guide to the Prehistoric Remains in Britain – Vol One: South and East
A Handbook of Papermaking
A History of Everyday Things in England
A History of Murston
A History of Scotney Castle
A History of the World
A Journey to the Western Isles of Scotland
A Kentish Lad
A Kentish Miscellany
A Kingdom Without a King
A Latin Glossary For Family and Local Historians
A Little History of the English Country Church
A Manual of Archaeological Field Drawing
A Manual of Archaeological Field Recording
A Mesolithic Assemblage from East Sussex
A Monastic Society at Law in the Kent Eyre of 1313-14
A Pre Conquest Norman Occupation of England?
A Reformation Family
A Reprint of ‘The History of Paradise Chapel,Milton Regis”
A Secretary Hand ABC Book
A Social History of England from 558C to AOl 215
A Thousand Years of The English Parish
A Topographie or Survey of the County of Kent
A Village School 1850-1970
A2 Pepperhill to Cobham. Archaeological Landscape
Abbott Laboratories in the U.K.
Aerial Archaeology in Britain
Aerial Archaeology in Britain
Agrarian Economy After the Black Death
Aids and Suggestions for the Teaching of Local History
Alan Grove Memorial
Alec Detsicas & Kenneth Gravett Memorial
Alfred The Great
Amazing Stories of the Great War
An American in Regency England
An Illustrated Dictionary of Antique Art and Archaeology
An Outline of History 1886-1927
Ancient Britain
Ancient Mysteries of Britain
Ancient Trees Living Landscapes
Anglo Saxon Dooms (Laws) 560 to 975
Anglo Saxon Sailing Ships
Anglo-Saxon Pottery
Anglo-Saxon Sculpture
Archaeologia Cantiana 2015
Archaeological Bibliography 1950/51/52/53/54/56/57/61/62/63/64/65/66/67/68/69/70/71/72/73/74/75/76
Archaeological Bulletin for the British Isles 1940-1949
Archaeological Evaluation of land adjacent to Newington Court, Keycol
Archaeological Excavations in the Darent Valley
Archaeological Excavations in the Darent valley
Archaeological Finds: An Introduction
Archaeological Surveying and Mapping
Archaeology A to Z
Archaeology an illustrated introduction
Archaeology in Britain 1971-1977
Archaeology: An Introduction
Architectural History
Architecture in Britain 1530-1830
Architecture in Roman Britain
Army & Navy Stores General Price List 1939-40
Army records for family Historians
Army Service Records of the First World War
Around Historic Kent
ARP and Civil Defence in the Second World War
Atlas of Medieval History
Atlas of Past Worlds
Atlas of World History
Austerity Britain
Aveling & Porter Ltd Rochester
Aviation Archaeology in Britain
Bapchild Parish Chest Catalogue (St Lawrence)
Barbarians and Romans
Barge Building & Barge Builders of the Swale
Battle in Bossenden Wood
Battle in Bossenden Wood
Battleships to Buildings
Bayford Court
Beowulf in Kent
Bobbing Parish Chest Catalogue
Bobbing,Iwade,Milton,Sittingbourne in1797
Book Title
Borden Hall Barn. Historical Building Report: Addendum
Borden Parish Chest Catalogue (SS Peter & Paul)
Borden, The History of a Kentish Parish
Born to Soldier
Bourne to Play
Bowater Pedigrees
Bredgar Parish Chest Catalogue (St John)
Bredgar Village School
Bricks and Brickies
Bricks and Brickmaking
Britain & Ireland in early Christian times
Britain 1740-1 950.An historical geography.
Britain Since 1700
Britain’s Royal Families
Britain’s Secret Treasures
Britains Working Coast in Victorian and Edwardian Times
Britannia. A History of Roman Britain
British Archaeological Abstracts Vol 1 – 11
British History for Dummies
British Life a Century Ago
British Society 1914-45
Bronze Age Britain
Built to InSpire
Butchering in Medieval London
Bygone Kent: Vol 1:1/5; 2:5; 4:1/5/12; 5:2/3/12; 6:1/9; 7:1/2/3/4/5/7/9/10/11/12; 8:11; 9:5/6/7; 10:6/12; 11:1; 13:1/7; 14:2; 15:2/6/8; 17:4/12; 18:2; 20:10; 21:12; 22:2/7/9/10; 23:1/5/6; 24:1/5/9; 26:1/2/3/4/5/6/7/12
Bygone Sheppey
Cabinet War Rooms
Canals and Waterways
Castle Guard
Castles & Strategy In Norman & Early Angevin England
CD – Hasted – Kent 1793
Cement, Mud and Muddies
Changing Corners of North Kent
Charity, Faith and the Gentry of Kent 1422-1529
Charles 1
Charles 11
Cherry Ripe
Chilham Castle
Chilham Castle
Christopher Saxton and Tudor Map-Making
Church Marshes Country Park. Audience development plan
Church Tiles of the Nineteenth Century
Churchill and Chartwell
Churchill and Chartwell
Cinemas of the Medway Towns
City Cleaning in Medieval London
Clay and Cob Buildings
Clay Tobacco Pipes
Coins of England and the United Kingdom
Collectanea Cantiana
Common Law in the 13th Century English Royal Forest
Concealed Within
Consuming Passions
Continuity and Colonization
Curious Kent
D Day 50 years on
Dangerous Merchandise
Dating 19th Century Photographs
Deal smugglers in the 18th century
Democracy and Reform 
Dictionary of British Hisory
Discoveries & Excavations Across Kent, 1970-2014
Discovering Abbeys and Priories
Discovering Church Architecture
Discovering Churches and Churchyards
Discovering Coins
Discovering Cottage Architecture
Discovering Local History
Discovering Medieval Houses
Discovering Parish Boundaries
Discovering Place Names
Discovering Saints in Britain
Discovering Surnames
Discovering Timber Framed Buildings
Discovering Timber Framed Buildings
Discovering Traditional Farm Buildings
Discovering Your Old House
Discovering Your Old House (copy)
Dolphin Yard
Domesday Book: Kent
Domesday Book: Kent
Domesday Estates of the Godwins
Domesday Survey – Kent
Domesday Woodland
Donald Dean VC
DVD – Strength & Durability
Early Birds
Early Medieval Towns in Britain c700 to 1140
Early Modem Kent 1540-1640
Early Modern England
East Kent Parishes
East Kent Within Living Memory
Edward 11
Edward 111
Edward V11
Edward V11
Edwardian England
Eight Centuries of Education in Faversham
Elizabeth 1
Elizabeth and Leicester
Elizabeth the Great
Eminent Edwardians
England in the 17th Century
England in the 19th Century
England in the Late Middle Ages
England in the Later Middle Ages. A Political History
England Under The Tudors
England’s Heritage
English Castles in the Early Middle Ages
English Customs and Traditions
English Life in Chaucer’s Day
English Romananesque Architecture
English Social History
English Society 1580-1680
English Society in the Early Middle Ages
Enjoying Old Parish Churches. Volume 2
Enjoying Old Parish Churches. Volume 3
Equivalent Contemporary Values of the Pound 1270-2007
Estimating for Printers
Every Girl’s Duty
Everyones Book of Politics
Excavations at Springhead Roman Town,Southfleet,Kent
Excavations in West Kent, 1960-1970
Family Businesses of Sittlngbourne
Family Names and Family History
Family Photographs and how to date them
Famous Old Inns of Mid Kent
Farewell to Kent
Farm of the Manor & Community of the Viii in Domesday Book
Farms and Fields
Fauconberg’s Kentish rising of May 1471
Faversham Burials 1620 to 1651 (Feb)
Faversham Burials 1651 (March) to 1699
Faversham Union Workhouse. The Early Years 1836-1850
Field Systems of the Chiltern Hills and Parts of Kent
Fieldwork in Local History
Fieldwork in Local History
Fifth Year of the War (WW2)
Fifty Vigilant Years
First Steps in Archaeology
First World War
First Year of the War (WW2)
Flint Implemements
Following the Drum
Formation to Reformation
Fourdnnier Papermaking
Fourth Year of the War (WW2)
From Absolutism to Revolution
From Gravelkinders to Gentlemen: History of the Lushington Family 1200-1700
Front-line Kent
George 111
George 1V
George Bargebrick Esquire
George Bargebrick Esquire
George V
George V1
Georgian Britain
Gladstone, Disraeli & Later Victorian Politics
Gore Court House
Gore Court House
Government and Reform 1815 – 1918
Grovehurst, The Pet Stores
Henry V
Henry V11
Henry V111
Heritage of Britain
Hever Castle
Hever Castle and Gardens
Hide & Seek
Highways and Byways in Kent. illustrations by Hugh Thomson
Historic Britain
Historic Buildings Project Manual. A Practical Guide 
Historic Temperatures in England 1659-1700
Historical Assessment and Survey of Old Buildings
Historical Atlas of Ancient Rome
Histories of Sittingbourne and Milton Regis
Histories of Sittingbourne and Milton Regis
History and Development of Bowater’s Mills
History of Britain
History of Murston’s All Saints Churches Old and New
History of the Isle of Sheppey
History on your doorstep
Hollingbourne. The History of a Kentish Parish
Hopping Down in Kent
Hops and Downs
How Old is Your House?
How To Read A Church
How to read a Country House
How to Trace Your Family Tree
How We Lived Then Second World War
Images of War, D Day
In the Steps of Chaucer’s Pilgrims
In the Wake of the Hurricane
Independence, Deference and Voter Participation
Index 1994;
Index nos 1-140 (2 copies)
Index to Archaeologia Cantiana 1858-1968
Industrial Archaeology
Industrial Medway: an Historical Survey
Infantry Training – Vol 1 The Light Machine Gun 1948
Inland Transportation in England During the 14th Century
Instructions for American Servicemen in Britain 1942
Interpreting the Landscape from the Air
Iron Age Britain
Isle of Grain, Kent
Isle of Sheppey
Issue: 1-4; 6-80; 82-84; 86-88; 90-92; 94; 95; 97; 98; 108; 110; 115; 123; 131-152, 154-160
Iwade Parish Chest Catalogue (All Saints)
James 1
James 11
John Cades Followers in Kent
Journal of Kent History March 2014
Journal of Kent History March 2015
Journal of Kent History Sept 13
Keep Smiling Through
Kent – The County Books
Kent A Chronicle of the Century
Kent and East Sussex Underground
Kent Archaeological Society Newsletter 104
Kent Archaeological Society Newsletter 1-14 
Kent Bottles
Kent Castles
Kent Characters
Kent Chronicles of Catastrophe & Disaster
Kent Churches
Kent Churches
Kent Cinemas Revisited
Kent Country Churches
Kent Country Churches Concluded
Kent Country Churches Continued
Kent Family History Journal Vol 10:8/10/11/12, 11:1/2, 12:1/5/8/9/10/11/12, 13:1/2/3/4/5/7/8/9/10/11/12, 14:1
Kent Heroes
Kent History Illustrated
Kent in Prehistoric Times
Kent in the 20th Century
Kent Murders
Kent Past & Present
Kent Probate Records
Kent Pubs
Kent Tales of Mystery & Murder
Kent Tithe Map Project: Murston / Bapchild / Tonge / Rodmersham / Milsted / Kingsdown / Bredgar / Borden / Bobbing / Iwade / Lower Halstow / Newington / Tunstall
Kent Tithe Map Project: Sittingbourne / Milton
Kent Town Crafts
Kent: The Garden of England
Kentish Maps and Mapmakers, 1590-1840
Kentish Ragstone
Kent’s Historic Building
King Charles 11
Kingdom or Province
Laddie Doubleday of the Q Ships
Lady Baillie at Leeds Castle
Land at Bredgar C of E Primary School
Land at the Northern End of Hawthorn Road
Landscape Analysis
Language of Maps
Later Medieval Kent 1220-1540
Latrines & Cesspools of Medieval London
Leeds Castle
Leeds Castle
Life in Anglo-Saxon England
Life in Elizabethan London
Life In the Workhouse
Living in Kent
Living in Kent
Local History Card Index to April 2006
Local History in England
Local History Magazine July/Aug 2006
Local History News: 85-116
Local Loyalties in Norman England
Locational Change in the Kentish Hop Industry
London in the Olden Time
Lordship, Knighthood & Locality
Lost Glass from Kent Churches
Lower Halstow Then and Now
Lunatics in England & Wales for Family Historians
Maison Dieu, Ospringe
Maison Dieu, Ospringe
Map & Book of Reference 1791
Map Reading in a nutshell
Mapping The First World War
Marconi’s Atlantic Leap
Mary Tudor
Mary Tudor
Mastering Economic and Social History
Mastering Modern British History
Medieval Fields
Medieval Masons
Medieval Pilgrims
Medieval Pottery
Medieval Roads and Tracks
Medieval Rural Settlement
Medieval Tiles
Medieval Town Plans
Medieval Wall Paintings
Medway Tales
Megalithic Tombs and Long Barrows
Memorials of Old Kent
Memories of Key Street
Memories of Murston
Memory Lane
Mere Court and East Hall Farm, Murston
Milstead Cricket Club
Milstead Parish Chest Catalogue (St Mary & the Holy Cross)
Milton Court Primary School
Milton Creek Memories: Oral History Project (2)
Milton Creek Memories: Oral History Project (2)
Milton Regis -Archaeological Assessment Document
Milton Regis Parish Chest Catalogue (Holy Trinity)
Milton Regis Trail
Money or Blood
Mumming, Howling and Hoodening
Murder by Mistake
Murder in Kent
Murston Parish Chest Catalogue (All Saints)
Natural and Political Observations…..made upon the Bills of Mortality
Neolithic and Iron Age Sites at Darenth
New Maidstone Gaol Order Book 1805-23
Newington Parish Chest Catalogue (St Mary)
Newington Parish Plan, 2004
Newington The Guide. 2005/6,2008/9,2011/12
Newington Times Past
Newsprint. A Book of Pictures
No. 85 onwards (except 88 &103)
Of the North Kent Marshes
Official Guide
Official Guide
Oliver Cromwell
On the Names of Lands and Houses in and around Sittingbourne … 1878
Open Fields & Partible Inheritance on a Kent Manor
Opening of New Stand etc 17/11/28
Oral History Day School Notes
Ordnance Survey Maps a guide for historians
Outline History of the World
Oysters & dredgermen
Palaeography Notes
Paper Machine Crew Operating Manual
Paris & London in the 18th Century
Parish Boundary Stones
Parliamentary Opposition & Popular risings 1449-50
Pastoral Farming in SE England in the 15th Century
Patterns of Violence in English Society
Penshurst Place
Penshurst Place
Percy Maylam’s “The Kent Hooden Horse ” Including ‘The Custom of Gavelkind” History Press
Periwinkle Watermill Museum, Milton Regis Kent
Phased Summary and Assessment Document …at lwade Site a and Site B
Physical Geography
Picture Postcards
Pioneer Battalions in the Great War
Plague Mortality Rates by Age & Sex in the Parish of St Botolphs
Plague, Population & Economic Decline in England
Ploughs and Ploughing
Popular History of the Great War Vol.1
Popular History of the Great War Vol.2
Popular History of the Great War Vol.3
Popular History of the Great War Vol.4
Popular History of the Great War Vol.5
Popular History of the Great War Vol.6
Popular protest and Disturbance in Kent 1558-1640
Portable Antiquities and Treasure Annual Report 2008
Post Medieval Pottery 1650-1800
Post War Kitchen
Pottery in Roman Britain
Pottery in Roman Britain
Prehistoric and Monastic Sites at MinsterAbbey,Sheppey,Kent
Prehistoric Astronomy and Ritual
Prehistoric Britain
Prehistoric Houses in Britain
Prehistoric Societies
Principles and elements of Medieval Church Architecture in Western Europe
Principles of Remote Sensing
Printed Maps 15th to 18th centuries
Puzzle of the Past
Quarries and Quarrying
Railways of Kent
Railways of Surrey
Railways of Sussex
Ramparts and Walls Pre 1500
Reading Latin Epitaphs
Recording a Church: An Illustrated Glossary
Recording timber-Framed Bulldlngs.An Illustrated Glossary
Remember When
Remembrance – War Memorials
Renaissance Architecture in England 100-1800
Report on an Archaeological Watching Brief at Keycol Hill, Newington
Report on the excavation of the Roman Cemetery at Ospringe
Researching and Writing History
Researching Brewery and Publican Ancestors
Revealing the Buried Past
Richard 1
Richard 111
Rise of Artillery AD 1500 to 1800
River Medway & The Swale
Road Rollers
Roads in Roman Britain
Roads, Tracks and their Interpretation
Rodmersham 2000
Rodmersham 2000
Rodmersham Burials 1600-1700
Rodmersham Parish Chest Catalogue (St Nicholas)
Rodmersharn MIII 1836-1969
Roman Remains in Britain
Roman Society
Roman Villas
Roman villas
Roman World
Royal Power & Castles in Norman England
Sailing Barges
Sailing Barges
Sanitation, baths & street cleaning in the middle ages
Scotney Castle
Services & Money Rents in the 13th Century
Sesquicentennial Volume
Sheerness Dockyard and the Rennie Model
Sheppey Memories of the 1940/50s
Signposts to the Past
Sir John Lushington 1 & 2
Sissinghurst Castle
Sissinghurst Castle
Sittingbourne & Milton Regis Book Trade 1770-1900
Sittingbourne and District.
Sittingbourne and Milton
Sittingbourne and the Names of Lands and Houses in or near it…….1879
Sittingbourne Baptisms and Burials 1562 to 1599
Sittingbourne Burials 1700 to 1799
Sittingbourne High Street
Sittingbourne in Old Photographs
Sittingbourne Mill
Sittingbourne Parish Chest Catalogue (St Michael’s)
Sittingbourne Through Time
Sittingbourne Town Trail
Sittingbourne Town Trail
Sittingbourne Town Trail
Sittingbourne, A History
Sittingbourne-Archaeological Assessment Document (2of)
Sixteenth Century
Slttingbourne and Milton
Smuggling in Deal
Smuggling in Deal
Smuggling in Kent & Sussex1700-1840
Squerryes Court
Squerryes Court
St Augustine’s Abbey
St Augustine’s Abbey
St. Mary the Virgin Upchurch
St. Michael’s and All Angels, Sittingbourne; A History
St. Michaels Hidden Tomb
Stables & Stable Blocks
Stage and Mail Coaches
Steam Wagons
Stock Bricks of Swale
Stockbury, A Stroll Through The Past
Stockbury, A Stroll Through The Past
Stone Age Britain
Strolling Through Milstead
Strolling Through Milstead
Study of a Typical Medieval Village
Surnames,DNA and Family History
Sussex Archaeological Collections Vol 134-147
Swale District Council Review 1977-8
Swale District Council Review 1978-9
Swale District Council Review 1979-80
Swale Forward
Swale Guide
Tales from Teynham. Boyhood memories of the Thirties
Tall Oaks from Little Acorns Grow
Temple Manor
Temple Manor, Strood
Ten walks around Sittingbourne
Testamenta Cantiana, East Kent Vols 1-7
Textiles in Archaeology
Teynham Manor & Hundred 798-1935
Thatch and Thatching
The 1991 Census User’s Guide
The 5 hide Unit & the Old English Military Obligation
The Anglo-Saxons
The Archaeology of Rabbit Warrens
The Architecture of Britain
The British Empire 1815-1914
The British Paper and Board Makers Association’ 1872-1972
The Buffs
The Buildings of Roman Britain
The Buildings of Roman Britain
The care & conservation of Georgian Houses
The Church & Village of Tunstall Kent
The Conservancy of the River Medway 1881-1969
The Cost of Poor Relief In SE England 1790-1834
The Cottage Homes of England
The Countryside Remembered
The County Maps of Old England
The Court Hall, Milton Regis Compared with Other Local Similar Buildings…
The Dartford Gunpowder Mills
The Decline of the Castle
The Defense of England and the Peasants Revolt
The Development of St. Mary’s Church, Teynham
The Dragons of Wessex and Wales
The Drovers
The Earliest Men and Women
The Early History of Bredhurst Manor
The Economic Position of Husbandmen at the time of Domesday
The Economy of Kent 1640-1914
The Edwardian Farm
The Edwardians
The Emergence of a Nation State
The English Family 1450 – 1700
The English Medieval Quarry
The English Settlements (Oxford History of England)
The English Terraced House
The Explosive Cargo of the USS Richard Montgomery
The Family, Sex and Marriage in England 1500-1800
The Fields of Human Conflict
The First Hundred Years, Village of Hartley
The First Industrial Nation
The Foundation of Faversham Abbey
The Gentry in Kent
The George Inn, Newington
The Glorious Revolution
The Great Archaeologists
The Great Invasion
The Great Millennium Floods in Kent & Sussex
The Greater Anglo-Saxon Churches
The Gunpowder Industry
The Historic Buildings Index; Bexley Section
The Historic Buildings Index; Bromley Section
The Historic Buildings Index; Canterbury Section
The Historic Buildings Index; Dartford Section
The Historic Buildings Index; Dover Section
The Historic Buildings Index; Gravesham Section
The Historic Buildings Index; Greenwich Section
The Historic Buildings Index; Medway Section
The Historic Buildings Index; Sevenoaks Section
The Historic Buildings Index; Shepway Section
The Historic Buildings Index; Swale Section
The Historic Buildings Index; Thanet Section
The Historic Buildings Index; Tonbridge & Malling Section
The Historic Buildings Index; Tunbridge Wells Section
The Historic Shipwrecks of South-East England
The History & Antiquities of Tunstall
The History ahd Geography of Human Genes
The History and Meaning of Newington Street and Place Names
The History of Cryalls House
The History of Faversham and Oare Creeks
The History of Maidstone
The History of Murston Village and Parish
The History of Paradise Chapel, Milton Kent
The History Of Sheppey
The History of Sitt & Milton Regis Golf Club 1929-1979
The History of Sittingbourne Mill
The History of the English House
The Home of Today
The HRGS Court Hall Project
The Indian Mutiny
The Industrial Revolution 1760- 1830
The Inns and Pubs of Slttingbourne and Milton Regis
The Invasion of Britain in AD43
The Iron Age and Romano-British Site at Lenham,Kent
The Journal of a Victorian Lady-Louisa Thomas of Holllngbourne
The Jutish Forest (Weald of Kent)
The Kent Domesday
The Kent weather book
The Kentish Census Returns 1801-1901
The Kentish Traveller’s Companion 1779
The King and Becket
The Later Tudors
The Legend of the Nuns’ Birds
The Local Historian: Vol: 37.4;;;;;;;;
The Local Historians Glossary of Words and Terms
The Long Gone Cinemas of Swale
The Lost Churches and Chapels of Kent
The Making of the English Landscape
The Making of the English Working Class
The Making of the English Working Class
The Manor of Frognal Within the Parish of Teynham in the County of Kent
The Medieval English Economy 1150-1500
The Medieval Household
The Minster Roman Coin Hoards
The Mission of Augustine of Canterbury to the English
The Monumentality of Death
The Most Dangerous Moment of the War
The Neolithic Revolution
The Normans
The Oldham Family Trust Volume
The Organisation & Achievements of the peasants of Kent + Essex 1381
The Origins of the First World War
The Parish and Town of Faversham
The Past Glory of Milton Creek
The Peasants’ Revolt (Studies in English History)
The Personnel of the Clergy in Kent
The Place Names of Kent
The Plestor
The Portable Antiquities Scheme Annual Report 1998-2005; 2007; 2009 & 2010
The Prince of Pleasure
The Principle Voyages of the English Nations Vols 1-8
The Pursuit of History
The Railway heritage of Britain
The Rebellion of Jack Cade
The ‘Revolt of the Field’ in Kent 1872-1879
The Rise of Protection in England 1689-1786
The Rise of the Yeoman Class
The Road System of Medieval England
The Roman Conquest of Britain
The Roman House with Bacchic Murals at Dover
The Roman Villa at Lullingstone
The Romans
The Salvation Army Sittingbourne (517th) Corps
The Saxon Kings
The Sitt, Milton and District Directory
The Sittingbourne Anomaly
The Sittingbourne, Milton and District Directory 1908
The Six Wives of Henry the 8th
The South Wales Borderers & Monmouth Regt
The Story of Brenchley House
The Story of Brenchley House
The Story of Brenchley House
The Story of Brenchley House (2nd copy)
The Story of English Architecture
The Story of English Architecture
The Story of Gore Court House and Estate, Tunstall
The Story of Heraldry
The Story of Sittingbourne & Milton Regis
The Story of Sittingbourne Parish Church
The Story of Sittingbourne Parish Church
The Strange Case of Hellish Nell
The Stuart Age. A History of England 1603-1714
The Trade Union Story
The Victoria Cross
The Victorian Cemetery
The Victorian Clergyman
The Victorian Farmer
The Victorian Policeman
The Victorian Public House
The Victorian Railway Worker
The Victorian Schoolroom
The Victorian Workhouse
The Victory Book
The Viking Ship
The Vikings
The Vikings
The Vikings
The Village Church + Community in Medieval England
The Voices of Morebath
The Weaker Vessel
The Wedge Method of Sampling Woodpulp
The West Kent Probate Index – CD
The Wisest Fool in Christendom
The Woollen industry
The Workshop of the World
The World War One Story
The Wright Brothers
They Called it Passchendaele
Third Year of the War (WW2)
This Forgotten Place
Three Acts of Parliament
Timber & Brick Building in Kent
Time, Family & Community
Time’s Anvil
Titanic Passenger Miss Kate Buss of Sittingbourne
To Fire Committed
Tools of the Old and New Stone Age
Tories, Conservatives & Unionists
Tracing the History of Your House
Tracing Your Family History
Tracks and Traces the archaeology of the Channel Tunnel
Treasure Annual Report: 2001 – 2007
Treasures of Tutankhamun
Tudor Family Portrait
Tudor Houses Explained
Tunstall Parish Chest Catalogue (St John the Baptist)
Turnpike Roads
UK Cinema admissions in 1960’s
Underneath English Towns
Upchurch in Old Picture Postcards
Us Bargemen
Using Manorial Records
Victorian Cities
Victorian Memorial Brasses
Victory Cookbook
Viking Age Archaeology
Village Livestock in the 13th Century
Vol: 1955/58/62/63/66/70/71/72/76/77/80/81/82/85/87/88/89/90/91/92/93/94/95/96/97/98/99/2000/01-14
Volume 37; No. 4 onwards
Wagons and Carts
Wartime Kent 1939-40
Watching War Films with my Dad
Watermills and Windmills
We’ll Meet Again
West Kent 
West Kent within living memory
What Happened in History
What the Tudors and Stuarts did for us
Who’s Buried Where in Kent
Who’s Who in Tudor England
William 1
Witchcraft in England
With Alidade and Tape
Woodworking Tools
Woodworking Tools (copy)
World War 1
World War 11
WW1 – In the trenches
Yesterday’s Shopping