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This covers the years 1538 to 1544, 1562 to 1657, 1695 to 1818, 1831 to 1835, 1887 to 1897.  There is also a non-chronological list of burials and their plot numbers from the old burial ground, but no plan is currently available, although we are working on transcribing the monumental inscriptions.  The transcription includes Name, Abode, Date of Burial, Age at Death (where available).

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Surnames included:

Aball, Abbott, Aberle, Abrahams, Abram, Ackerlie, Ackhurst, Acres, Acrist, Adams, Addam, Addams, Addeson, Adds, Aden ...

Adersey, Adkins, Adley, Adman, Admans, Adsley, Adsly, Ady, Akerley, Akers, Akerst, Akhurst, Akruley, Albury, Alchin, Aldersey, Aldred, Aldrey, Aldridge, Alerly, Alexander, Alford, Ali?e, Alis??der, Allan, Allaway, Allchin, Allein, Alleley, Allem, Allen, Allilay, Allin, Allins, Allott, Allum, Alton, Amber, Amet, Amicke, Amis, Ammand, Ammet, Amoon, Anchor, Anders, Anderson, Andrews, Andrewson, Angell, Anis, Annesly, Annis, Ansie, Ansted, Anstine, Anthonie, Antle, apHenrie, Applebe, Appleby, Apsle, Ar?les, Archer, Armstrong, Arnold, Arter, Arthur, Aseenden, Ashby, Ashdown, Ashenden, Ashley, Ashpee, Ashsown, Ashton, Ashwell, Askenden, Askewe, Asler, Asser, Aston, Atkins, Atkinson, Atkinson&Morris, Atterton, Attwood, Atwater, Atwood, Austen, Austin, Avery, Avis, Awse, Awsterie, Awstin, Awstrey, Axall, Ayers, Ayles, Babbington, Back, Backe, Backs, Badcock, Badelle, Badford, Badop, Bagley, Bagnal, Bagnall, Bagsden, Bailee, Bailey, Bailie, Baker, Balden, Baldensen, Baldock, Baldon, Baldrick, Baldwin, Bales, Ball, Ballard, Ballden, Ballingall, Balputt, Bancks, Banham, Banister, Bankes, Banks, Bannard, Banner, Barber, Barchilor, Barfoot, Barham, Bark, Barkaway, Barker, Barkway, Barlee, Barlet, Barley, Barling, Barnard, Barnes, Barnet, Barnett, Barns, Barot, Barranger, Barrett, Barrott, Barrow, Barrowe, Barrows, Barry, Barth, Bartholomew, Bartlet, Bartlett, Barton, Barweeks, Bashford, Bass, Bassant, Basset, Bassets, Bassett, Bassock, Bat, Batcheller, Batchelor, Bate, Bateman, Bates, Batherst, Batherste, Bathurst, Batt, Battell, Batthurst, Batthurste, Battman, Batty, Baulkham, Baxlye, Bayfield, Bayley, Baylie, Bayliffe, Bayly, Baylye, Baynes, Beach, Beadle, Beadul, Beakon, Beal, Beale, Beamont, Bean, Beane, Bear, Beard, Bearde, Beason, Beaumont, Beavers, Bechinge, Beck, Becke, Becket, Beckett, Beddenton, Bedle, Bedmanton, Beech, Beechen, Beecher, Beeching, Beechinge, Beedle, Beedles, Beeney, Beer, Begare, Bekisin, Bell, Belman, Belton, Bemnson, Benefield, Beneson, Benge, Benham, Benison, Bennet, Bennett, Benney, Bennit, Bens???, Benson, Bensted, Bentley, Berill, Berk, Berke, Berkett, Bernard, Bernife, Berry, Berskyn, Bessant, Best, Betnife, Betniffe, Betterson, Bevens, Bibe, Bichup, Big, Bigg, Biggs, Bignal, Bignall, Bilding, Bille, Billett, Billing, Billingham, Billings, Bills, Bing, Binge, Bingham, Binskin, Binsted, Bintlin, Bintly, Bird, Birkett, Birkette, Birt, Bis?ke, Bishoopp, Bishop, Bishopp, Black, Blackborne, Blackburne, Blacke, Blackman, Blacksall, Blacksole, Blacksoll, Blade, Blagg, Blake, Bland, Blandford, Blanforde, Blaxland, Blewit, Bliss, Blith, Blow, Blowe, Blower, Blunden, Blunder, Blundon, Bly, Blye, Blyth, Blythe, Bo?ly, Bo?some, Bodile, Bodle, Boice, Boies, Bolden, Bolton, Bones, Bongard, Bonham, Boniface, Bonnam, Bonner, Bonney, Boock, Boorman, Booter, Booth, Boothe, Boots, Borman, Born, Borrice, Botterell, Bottle, Bottrill, Boucher, Boudel, Boughton, Boulder, Bouldree, Boule, Boulton, Bound, Bourn, Bourne, Bowater, Bowbank, Bowden, Bowell, Bower, Bowes, Bowles, Bowse, Bowton, Box, Boyce, Boyes, Boyet, Boyhet, Boyket, Boys, Boyse, Brabson, Bradberer, Bradberie, Bradberry, Bradborn, Bradbourne, Bradburye, Bradde, Bradford, Bradle, Bradley, Bradshew, Bradstreet, Bradstreete, Bradul, Bradwell, Brailes, Brales, Bran, Brand, Brande, Brandford, Branding, Brann, Brast/Beast, Bratte, Brax?ed, Bray, Brayhorne, Brayle, Brayles, Brazier, Bread, Breathing, Breding, Breecher, Brenard, Brenchley, Bresenden, Brett, Brewer, Brewson, Brewthon, Brice, Brickes, Bridenden, Bridge, Bridgen, Bridges, Brigden, Briggs, Bright, Brighte, Brighton, Brimard, Brimyard, Bring, Briseley, Brisely, Brisenden, Brisley, Brissendean, Brissenden, Britcher, Brite, Briton, Brittain, Britte, Brittenden, Brix, Broad, Broadbridge, Broadstreet, Broch, Brockhull, Brockwell, Brokine, Bromley, Brook, Brooke, Brooks, Broomford, Broton, Brotone, Broughton, Brouton, Brown, Browne, Browning, Browninge, Brownschall, Bruer, Brueston, Bruister, Brummage, Brunger, Brunter, Brushe, Bruton, Bryan, Bryant, Bryer, Buckeman, Buckener, Buckham, Buckin?, Buckiner, Buckman, Buckmer, Buckner, Budds, Buggs, Bugs, Bull, Bullock, Bullocke, Bumarre, Buner, Bunker, Bunn, Bunniar, Bunting, Bunton, Burcher, Burden, Buredye, Burfoote, Burford, Burges, Burgess, Burgis, Burk, Burke, Burley, Burns, Burr, Burrage, Burredg, Burredge, Burrels, Burridge, Burril, Burrow, Burt, Burton, Burwash, Burye, Busar, Busbridge, Bush, Bushbe, Bushenden, Busher, Bushford, Busle, Butcher, Buther, Butler, Butlye, Butt, Butte, Butter, By?d, By?le, By?yl, Bybye, Byeket, Bynge, Byrch, Byrket, Byssick, Byssie, C…….., Ca?tell, Cable, Cad, Cadman, Cadmom, Cain, Callis, Camber, Cannon, Canter, Capalin, Capeland, Capelin, Capell, Caraway, Carby, Card, Caree, Carey, Carkass, Carnes, Carpenter, Carr, Carrier, Cartas, Carter, Cartter, Carwell, Cary, Caryer, Cassam, Cassingham, Casson, Castel, Castle, Catelight, Catlet, Catlight, Caulfield, Cave, Ceane, Ch?, Chadwell, Challener, Chamber, Chamberlain, Chamberlaine, Chamberlayne, Chambers, Champ, Champe, Champion, Chandler, Chapel, Chapell, Chaplain, Chapman, Chappell, Chase, Chasson, Chatworthy, Check, Cheek, Cheel, Cheese, Cheeseman, Cheesman, Chelsam, Chelsum, ChelyOkely, Cherison, Chesle, Chesmer, Cheson, Chesson, Chettenden, Chibball, Chibbolly, Chick, Child, Childs, Chillman, Chilman, Chilmnan, Chittenden, Chockrell, Chopping, Chowd, Chrisfield, Christfield, Christian, Church, Churche, Churchill, ChurchWardens, Cimmitt, Cl??ver, Clackett, Clap, Clark, Clarke, Clatworthy, Cle?????, Clearke, Cleaver, Clem¯ons, Clemants, Clemen, Clement, Clements, Clerk, Cleveland, Clewe, Cliffiord, Clifford, Clifforde, Clinch, Clinton, Clough, Clowdye, Clung, Clyfford, Clynton, Coamber, Coast, Coatsworth, Coatworth, Cob, Cobb, Cock, Cockaine, Cocke, Cockel, Cockell, Cockes, Cockin, Cockman, Codman, Coe, Coel, Coffam, Cogger, Cole, Coleman, Coles, Coleson, Colet, Colfe, Colfur, Collecton, Collens, Coller, Collet, Collett, Colley, Colliar, Collier, Colliers, Collins, Collinson, Collis, Collison, Collisson, Collsone, Colman, Colsole, Colsoll, Colson, Colte, Colter, Colwell, Colzeir, Comber, Commer, Comminer, Commines, Compar, Condit, Coney, Conwaie, Cony, Cooch, Coochman, Coocke, Coode, Cook, Cooke, Coole, Coolvley, Coomber, Coombes, Cooper, Coox, Copeland, Copper, Coppin, Copping, Coppins, Copsie, Corby, Cord, Cordy, Cork, Corke, Corn, Cornacke, Corne, Cornew, Cornford, Cornish, Cossey, Coteinge, Coting, Cotman, Cotterell, Cottern, Cotting, Cottman, Cottmas, Cottmn, Cotton, Cotynge, Couch, Couche, Couchman, Coule, Coulter, Coultrip, Count, Country, Courage, Court, Courtise, Cousens, Cousin, Cousins, Couson, Couvie, Coveney, Coverley, Coward, Cowch, Cowche, Coweupp, Cowley, Cowp, Cowpe, Cowper, Cox, Coxe, Coy, Craft, Crafts, Crain, Cranforn, Cranmer, Cranmore, Cranton, Crayden, Craydon, Cread, Creak, Creed, Criipps, Crippen, Crippin, Cripps, Crips, Cripse, Crisfield, Crispe, Crispen, Crocker, Crockwood, Croffeild, Croffild, Croft, Crosfeild, Cross, Crosse, Crosswell, Crouch, Crouche, Croucher, Croude, Croux, Crouxe, Crouxsord, Crouxud, Crow, Crowde, Crowe, Cruch, Crux, Cruxe, Cruze, Cubberley, Cumbers, Curling, Curnew, Curtin, Curtis, Curtise, Curtish, Cushman, Cutbeare, Cutbush, Cutt, Dabbs, Dad, Dadd, Dainyell, Dale, Dalle, Damford, Damon, Dan, Dan‾yiell, Dane, Danes, Danford, Danie, Daniel, Daniell, Daniels, Dantford, Darby, Darcy, Darnly, Dason, David, Davies, Davis, Davison, Davye, Daw, Dawbery, Dawkins, Daws, Dawson, Day, Daye, Deacon, Deadman, Dean, Deane, Debelle, Dedman, Deeds, Deen, Deene, Delaney, D'eloie, Delton, Dench, Denham, Denison, Denne, Dennet, Dennis, Dent, Derry, Derrydown, Deverson, Deveson, Devine, Devoy, Deway, Dewconn, Dewearn, Dewsam, Diamond, Dickin, Dicks, Dickson, Didton, Digby, Digbye, Diggens, Dilet, Dillen, Dilott, Dinte, Diprese, Dirricke, Dittye, Dives, Dobbiers, Dobbin, Dobbs, Dobs, Dobson, Dod, Dodd, Dodman, Dods, Doe, Doggerell, Dolby, Dole, Dolton, Doman, Dondye, Done, Donte, Dore, Dorly, Dorne, Dorrell, Dorrine, Dorye, Dot, Douch, Douglas, Doule, Doundy, Dove, Dow, Dowe, Dowglas, Dowglass, Dowle, Dowls, Down, Downe, Downman, Dowse, Draison, Draper, Drawbridge, Drayson, Drewit, Drewrie, Drewrye, Drooett, Druit, Drure, Drurie, Drury, Drurye, Dryland, Ducke, Due, Dugley, Duke, Duley, Dulphe, Duly, Dundy, Dundye, Dunforde, Dunk, Dunkin, Dunks, Dunn, Dunning, Dunsnall, Duricke, Dute, Dutnall, Dyar, Dye, Dyer, Dyke, Dylett, Dylott, Dyne, Dyne?, Dyrrick, E????, E?arle, Ea??ll, Ea?es, Ea?s, Ealden, Ealdon, Eames, Eams, Earl, Earland, Earle, Early, Eason, East, Eastlen, Eastry, Eastwood, Eaton, Edaman, Edge, Ediolet, Edis, Edmands, Edmonde, Edward, Edwardes, Edwards, Edwin, Effeild, Effielde, Effild, Ein?ley, Ekins, Elam, Elder, Eley, Elfick, Elgar, Elgate, Elgoose, Eliot, Eliott, Elis, Ell?on, Ellan, Elleis?, Ellen, Ellet, Elley, Ellin, Elliot, Elliott, Ellis, Ellise, Elliss, Ellit, Ellitt, Ellwin, Elsden, Elson, Elven, Elvey, Elvin, Elvy, Elwin, Ely, Emberton, Emerton, Emes, Emiet, Emiot, Emiote, Emmerson, Emmerton, Emmet, Emmett, En¯es, Endaby, Enden, Enendey, England, English, Enialy, Enkore, Enone, Enson, Enterbury, Epps, Esmain, Esman, Essell, Estgrige, Evance, Evans, Evenden, Everden, Excelby, Excell, Exson, Eyden, Eyerden, Eymas, F?lly?ea?, Faerman, Fagg, Fairbeard, Faireman, Faires, Fairhal, Falkner, Fanfett, Fara, Fareman, Farence, Farley, Farmer, Farn, Farnam, Farr, Faucon, Faulkner, Fautheringham, Fayreman, Fayres, Feakins, Fearn, Fearns, Featherstone, Featherton, Feilder, Fekins, Fellows, Fenn, Fennell, Fenner, Fenton, Feren, Fernes, Ferris, Fetherstone, Fever, Fewtrell, Ffairman, Ffamin, Ffanninge, Ffar, Ffareman, Ffarmer, Ffathers, Ffayeman, Ffayr, Ffayres, Ffayrman, Ffear?s, Ffearman, Ffeilder, Ffidge, Ffidger, Ffield, Ffilpott, Ffinch, Ffinche, Ffisher, Ffittle, Fflagden, Fflaxland, Fflecher, Ffletcher, Ffloide, Fflood, Ffloodd, Fflud, Ffludd, Ffoord, Fford, Fforeman, Ffoster, Ffoxen, Ffranke, Ffranklin, Ffranklyn, Ffreame, Ffred, Ffredd, Ffreeman, Ffreind, Ffrend, Ffridd, Ffriend, Ffringeam, Ffrudde, Ffryer, Ffuller, Ffydge, Ffynch, Ffynes, Ffynkle, Fidge, Field, Fielden, Fifield, Fig, Figg, Figger, Figures, Filmer, Finch, Finche, Finnis, Finton, Firman, Firminger, Fish?, Fishenden, Fisher, Fishingden, Fitzgerald, Flackden, Flecher, Fletcher, Flood, Flower, Flowers, Floyd, Fludd, Fludde, Follows, Folson, Foord, Forbes, Ford, Forder?, Fordman, Foreman, Foresight, Forman, Forster, Fosbray, Foster, Foulkiner, Fowtrell, Fox, FraisierFrazier, Frame?, Francklyn, Franklyn, Franshaw, Frappenden, Fred, Fredd, Frede, Freeman, Freind, French, Frenche, Frend, Frid, Friday, Fridg…, Friend, Friende, Fry, Fryer, Fuller, Fullerger, Funnell, Furley, Furmerger, Furminger, Furney, Fynch, Fynche, Gable, Gabler, Gaddock, Gaff, Gain, Gales, Galihawk, Galleyhawk, Gallian, Gallihawk, Gallion, Gallyhawk, Gallyhawke, Gambell, Gamble, Gambull, Gandy, Gane, Gaoler, Gaolor, Gard, Garden, Gardiner, Gardler, Gardner, Garford, Garland, Garratty, Garrett, Garten, Garter, Garthforth, Gasen, Gasken, Gaskin, Gass, Gateford, Gates, Gatland, Gatlet, Gatliffe, Gats, Gatter, Gattliffe, Gayton, Gennie, Gent, Gente, Geofrey, George, Gergie, German, Gerrard, Gerrood, Gibbens, Gibbes, Gibbons, Gibbs, Gibert, Gibson, Gilbard, Gilberd, Gilbert, Gilberte, Gilbye, Giles, Gilker, Gill, Gillam, Gilles, Gills, Gilman, Gilter, Gimbeilton, Gimber, Gittorne, Gladdish?, Gladish, Glewe, Glimer, Glover, Goaldfinch, Goatham, Goble, Gobye, Goddard, Godfery, Godferye, Godfrey, Godfreye, Godfreys, Godfrye, Godly, Godson, Goff, Goffam, Goffe, Gold, Goldbery, Golden, Goldfinch, Golding, Goobler, Gooch, Gooddin, Gooddinge, Goodger, Goodhew, Goodhue, Goodiar, Goodier, Gooding, Goodinge, Goodlad, Goodwin, GoodyearGoodyer, Goodyer, Goodynge, Goorely, Goorlie, Goose, Gooyeare, Gordan, Gorden, Gordon, Gore, Goreham, Gorely, Goring, Gorley, Gorly, Gorlye, Gorrard, Gosley, Gouge, Gouger, Gough, Gougher, Gould, Gouldfinch, Gouve, Goveley, Gover, Gowar, Goward, Gowell, Gower, Grace, Gramming, Grandson, Grange, Grangerman, Gransted, Grant, Grantam, Grante, Grass?, Graves, Gray, Grayling, Green, Greenen, Greenfield, Greenstead, Greensted, Greenstreet, Greentree, Greet, Gregory, Gregorye, Grenstead, Grensted, Griffin, Griffith, Griffyn, Griges, Grigg, Grigge, Griggs, Grigs, Grille, Grime, Grimes, Grin?, Grinell, Grinsted, Grise, Grisley, Groatkins, Gromtam, Grone, Groombridge, Gross, Grove, Grover, Groves, Gruber, Gryndoll, Gulliver, Gulven, Gumbridge, Gungbe, Gungle, Gunings, Gunn, Gunnyes, Gunter, Gurling, Gutterass, Gylben, Gyles, Gylman, Gymber, Habbard, Haberlye, Hach, Hackens, Hacker, Haddocke, Haddon, Hadland, Hadley, Hadloe, Hadlow, Hadlum, Hadly, Hadwaie, Haidock, Haines, Hains, Halden, Haldrie, Hales, Hall, Hallow, Halton, Hambleton, Hambrook, Hamilton, Hammon, Hammond, Hamon, Hams, Hamwood, Hancock, Handcock, Handcocke, Handley, Hanford, Hannington, Hansdon, Hansel, Hanson, Haram, Harbert, Harbie, Harbor, Harden, Harding, Hardinge, Hardy, Hare, Harison, Harman, Harnden, Harness, Harnet, Harp, Harper, Harrine, Harrington, Harris, Harrise, Harrison, Harriss, Harrisse, HarrissHarris, Harrys, Hart, Harte, Hartley, Hartly, Hartridge, Harvey, Harvye, Haselton, Haselwood, Hasleton, Haslyn, Hastin, Hastings, Hastlinn, Hastlyn, Hatch, Hatten, Hatton, Hatts, Hattun, Hauler, Haulton, Hauslye, Haward, Hawbrook, Hawker, Hawkins, Hayden, Haydock, Hayerst, Hayes, Haynes, Hayse, Hayward, Haywarde, Haywood, Hayzelden, Hazelden, Hazeldene, Haond, Head, Healey, Heane, Hearden, Heare, Hearn, Hearnden, Hearndon, Hearne, Hearneden, Hearriden, Heath, Heathcote, Heathfield, Heaward, Heburn, Hedgcock, Hedgeman, Heneker, Henley, Henly, Henman, Hennekar, Henniker, Hennnicar, Henrsie, Henskew, Henson, Herbert, Hern, Hernden, Herod, Herst, Hewes, Hewett, Hewis, Hewit, Hewitt, Hewsen, Hewson, Heybourn, Heysden, Heywood, Hibbett, Hicks, Hicley, Higdall, Higghens, Higgins, Higham, Highland, Highsted, Highwood, Hill, Hilles, Hilliard, Hills, Hillyard, Hilway, Hinche, Hind, Hinde, HindeHartridge, Hinderwell, Hinds, Hine, Hineker, Hinge, Hiniker, Hiniklin, Hinkley, Hinklin, Hinnaker, Hinniker, Hinton, Hirmond, Hitchcock, Ho?oll, Hoad, Hoar, Hobart, Hobbes, Hobbs, Hobbye, Hockley, Hodd, Hodde, Hoden, Hoder, Hodge, Hodges, Hodgkin, Hodgskin, Hoe, Hofley, Hogben, Hogsflash, Holaday, Holbard, Holden, Holdstock, Hole, Holland, Hollands, Hollatt, Holliday, Hollis, Hollond, Holloway, Holman, Holmes, Homan, Homewood, Hondill, Hone, Honeyman, Honneyman, Hooches, Hood, Hoode, Hook, Hooke, Hooker, Hooper, Hope, Hopkins, Hopson, Hordon, Horsle, Horsley, Horsnell, Horton, Hortons, Hotwater, Houlden, Houlton, Houting, Hovenden, Howard, Howe, Howell, Howes, Howland, Howlett, Howling, Howse, Hoysted, Hpson, Hub??d, Hubbard, Hubbart, Hubbenden, Hubberd, Hubbert, Hubburd, Huchingson, Hudson, Hues, Huet, Huett, Huggen, Huggens, Huggin, Huggins, Hughes, Hughs, Hugussen, Hulbard, Hulburd, Hulburt, Hull, Hullburd, Humble, Humfrey, Humfrie, Humphrey, Humphries, Humpreys, Humprys, Hunt, Hunte, Hunter, Huntley, Huntmore, Hurchins, Hurley, Hurst, Hurt, Hurte, Hurton, Hutchens, Hutchings, Hutchins, Hutchinson, Hutson, Huxted, Hyatt, Hyett, Hysted, Igfulden, Image, Ingleton, Ingram, Inman, Innman, Ireland, Isaac, Isalby, Isard, Itten, Ives, Ivory, Iyden, Jackman, Jackson, Jacob, Jacobs, Jafferson, Jagg, James, Jancock, Jancocke, Jane, Jaoler, Jarot, Jarret, Jarrett, Jarvis, Jayleden, Jaylor, Je?ard, Jeal, Jebbel, Jebbes, Jeffe, Jefferies, JefferiesJefferries, Jeffery, Jefferys, Jeffrey, Jeffriey, Jeffry, Jenie, Jeninges, Jenkins, Jenkinson, Jenks, Jenner, Jenney, Jennie, Jenninge, Jennings, Jenny, Jeoffrye, Jerman, Jerrard, Jerrod, Jerrom, Jervest, Jervis, Jessop, Jewry, Joad, Johncock, Johnson, Joncocke, Jones, Jordan, Joy, Joye, Joyner, Joyner?, Joyster, Jugham, Juglam, Jugland, Julian, Juman, Jury, Jyles, Kable, Kant, Karrey, Karwell, Kayne, Keadsider, Keate, Keating, Keaton, Keboll, Kedwell, Keeble, Keele, Keeler, Keeley, Keeller, Keely, Keems, Keepin, Keet, Keith, Kelly, Kelmsley, Kemesley, Kemish, Kemp, Kempe, Kemsley, Ken?d, Kenard, Kendall, Kenerd, Kennall, Kennard, Kennet, Kenneth, Kennett, Kent, Kerby, Kerkeise, Kerly, Keryforth, Kew, Keyley, Keysbey, Kidd, Kidde, Kidwell, Kile/Kild?, Killam, Kine, King, Kinge, Kingemede, Kingesmill, Kingsmill, Kingsmith, Kingsnorth, Kipping, Kips, Kirby, Kirbye, Kirkby, Kisby, Kite, Kite…, Kites, Klinton, Kneelan, Kneeland, Kneland, Knelande, Knig-, Knight, Knock, Knocke, Knoland, Knoller, Knolles, Knott, Knott?, Knowler, Knowles, KnowlesKnowler, Kucke, Kuckeld, Kuckild, Kuckold, Kyngesmill, Kyzbit, Lacke, Lacy, Ladd, Lake, Lakes, Lamba, Lambard, Lambart, Lamberde, Lambert, Lamberte, Lamkin, Lance, Land, Lane, Lanes, Lanes?, Langelye, Langford, Langgridges, Langley, Lanne, Lapham, Lardin, Large, Lark, Larken, Larkin, Larkyn, Laslett, Lason, Lather, Laurence, Lavender, Lawrence, Lawson, Laye, Layton, Layward, Lea, Leadsey, Leafgreen, Leager, Leanes, Leanese, Leans, Learne, Lease, Leasgreen, Leatch, Leather, Ledger, Lee, Leech, Leedes, Leeds, Leefe, Leegh, Lees, Leese, Leese?, Legar, Legat, Legat?, Legate, Legatt, Legett, Leggat, Leich, Leister, Lemmey, Lemmon, Lemmy, Lemon, Lemone, Lene, Lenefyeld, Lenes, Lenney, Lenny, Lenton, Lester, Levett, Levice, Lewcas, Lewcase, Lewes, Lewis, Leyrum, Leyton, Liburne, Liegh, Lighton, Ligstin, Lilly, Limmings, Lincon, Linkin, Linley, Linsdy, Lintell, Linton, Liscome, Lisney, Little, Lloyd, Lloyde, Loader, Loake, Lock, Locke, Lockey, Lockier, Locky, Lockyer, Loe, Loft, Loftes, Lomax, Londy, Long, Longe, Longley, Longs, Longson, Loose, Lord, Lorde, Lory, Lotte, Lotten, Lough, Loughton, Lounsdale, Love, Lovelace, Lowe, Lowin, Lowine, Lowndsdale, Lowyn, Loyton, Lucane, Lucas, Luck, Luckett, Luckhurst, Lucky, Ludcock, Luke, Lullham, Lumberd, Lurclick, Lurcuck, Lushington, Luther, Luthor, Luxford, Lyakes, Lymmings, Lynebe, Lynes, Lynit, Lynstead, Lyon, Lyons, Lyvinges, M?sse, Ma?yer?, Mace, Mackelden, Mackfred, Maddox, Maden, Madoxe, Mady?, Maie, Mainard, Maines, Maipstone, Mairott, Man, Mancer, Mangier, Manly, ManMann, Mann, Manne, Manneringe, Manninges, Mansell, Mantell, Mantle, Manwaring, Manwell, Mapesdon, Mapested, Mapestone, Mapsden, Mapsdon, March, Marchall, Marchant, Marche, Marck, Marcy, Marcye, Marden, Marduff, Maria, Marington, Mark, Markes, Marks, Marlee, Marlen, Marlettman, Marley, Marrian, Marriot, Marriott, Marrit, Marryot, Marschal, Marsh, Marshal, Marshall, Marshe, Martanore, Martin, Martyn, Marvell, Maryott, Maskall, Masked, Maskford, Mason, Mastall, Masters, Masterson, Matheman, Mathewman, Matson, Matthews, Mawby, May, Maye, Mayfox, Mayhew, Maylor, Maynard, Maysle?, Mayster, McLauchlan, McMally, McRitchie, Mead, Meade, Meads, Meadtherst, Measer, Measor, Medders, Meddows, Medehurst, Mederste, Medhurst, Medler, Medop, Medopp, Melvin, Meppen, Mercer, Meritt, Merod, Merricke, Merriot, Merrit, Merryman, Merser, Mewett, Michel, Middleton, Middlton, Midleton, Miles, Milgate, Millaway, Millen, Millener, Miller, Milles, Milliner, Millner, Mills, Millway, Milner, Milsom, Milsome, Milson, Milton, Milway, Minchen, Minchin, Minge, Minnke, Minnooch, Missen, Misson, Misterton, Miston, Mitchel, Mitchell, Mitchll, Moate, Mongomery, Monk, Monke, Monnings, Montague, Monting, Moome, Moon, Moone, Moor, Moorcroft, Moore, More, Moreison, Morgan, Morice, Morine, Moris, Morisse, Morley, Morlonge, Morly, Morninge, Morrall, Morris, Morrise, Morriss, Morryan, Mortar, Mortimore, Morton, Moses, Moss, Mossell, Moswell, Mott, Mount, Mountain, Mountaine, Mounting, Mowne, Mownt, Mowtinge, Moyce, Moyes, Moyle?, Moyles, Moyse, Muddle, Mudge, Mullens, Mullins, Mullyns, Mumford, Mummery, Munday, Munford, Munke, Munn, Munne, Munns, Murfoot, Murfutt, Murr, Murray, Murrian, Murton, Muse, Musse, Musterd, Mychell, Myles, Mylles, Nacher, Nailer, Nailor, Napp, Nargoe, Nash, Nashe, Nason, Naylor, Neale, Neaves, Nebbs, Nebs, Nelson, Nethersole, Nethersoule, Nethersoulle, Netter, Nettlepole, Nevil, Newbury, Newe, Newin, Newland, Newlande, Newman, Newmun, Newstreate, Newton, Niblett, Nice, Nicholas, Nicholass, Nicholls, Nichols, Nicholson, Nickols, Nightingirl, Nin, Ninn, Nixon, Niy, Norgoe, Norgor, Norice, Norman, Norrice, Norridge, Norrington, Norris, Norriss, North, Norton, Norwood, Nottage, Notteing, Nowell, Nowland, Nowle, Nue, Nuland, Nunnick, Nunwick, Nunwicke, Nye, Nynn, Nynne, O??enden, O?lte?, O?not, Oakeman, Oakman, Oast, Oatlet, Ockenden, Ockly, Odden, Ofriday?, Ogden, Oggulden, Okenden, Okenfall, Okenfold, Oldams, Oldridge, Oliff, Olifford, Olivare, Olivears, Oliver, Olyver, Ongley, Orford, Orslett, Osborn, Osborne, Ost, Oste, O'Sullivan, Otherton, Othringham, Otterton, Ottringham, Outen, Ovenden, Owayne, Owen, Owens, Owin, Pache, Pack, Packe, Packenden, Packenham, Packer, Packham, Packman, Padderfoot, Pagden, Page, Pagge, Paig, Pain, Paine, Pakenden, Pallen, Pallihawk, Palmer, Pane, Pankes, Pankhurst, Pannell, Pantin, Panton, Pardo, Pardoe, Park, Parke, Parker, Parkes, Parkinson, Parkman, Parknam, Parks, Parnell, Parris, Parrot, Parry, Parsons, Partherige, Parthrige, Partridge, Pashly, Paterick, Patrick, Patricke, Patridge, Patterick, Pattridge, pauper, Pawley, Paxley, Paxton, Payne, Peach, Peacock, Pearcey, Pearle, Pearson, Peck, Peckenden, Pecocke, Peel, Peerie, Peerse, Peeters, Peggs, Peirce, Peirs, Peirse, Pellem, Pelvin, Pembrok, Pembrook, Pen, Penneker, Pennele, Pennington, Pennyfield, Pennyfold, Penry, Penson, Penyale, Pepper, Peppercorne, Perdage, Perdiwaye, Perdue, Periman, Perkins, Perkis, Perren, Perrin, Perry, Person, Pet, Petenden, Peters, Petitt, Petley, Petman, Pett, Pette, Pettegrue, Pettenden, Pettens, Pettet, Pettit, Pewlle, Pharaoh, Phepps, Pheps, Phiips, Philcox, Philippe, Philips, Phillippes, Phillipps, Phillips, Phillops, Phillpot, Phillpott, Philpot, Philpott, Philpotte, Phipps, Phips, Pickett, Pidgeon, Pidgin, Pierce, Pilbye, Pilcher, Pile, Pilgrims, Pincott, Pinfold, Piper, Pix, Pixe, Plain, Plate, Platt, Platts, Playne, Plommerton, Plott, Plummer, Plunkin, Po?te?, Pocher, Pocket, Pointing, Pollard, Polly, Ponall, Poole, Poor, Poore, Pope, Popjoy, Popplewell, Pordage, Porridge, Porter, Portman, Posslewhaite, Potte, Potten, Pottenden, Potter, Pottin, Poulter, Pound, Powell, Poynter, Prack, Prallden, Pratt, Pren, Presin, Preston, Pretty, Pri??, Price, Prichard, Prick, Pricklings, Prickney, Prim, Prince, Prior, Pritty, Ptetty, Pue, Pullen, Pulling, Punett, Punnett, Puxley, Pye, Pylas, Pym, Qinnell, Qneye, Quaife, Quenell, Quested, Quinell, Quinnell, Quisted, Qyngle, Rack, Rade, Ragley, Raie, Rainsom, Raisdown, Raiston, Raite, Raiye, Ralph, Rambones, Ramsden, Randall, Randell, Randole, Ranes, Ransley, Rason, Ratcliff, Ratcliffe, Rate, Rawbone, Rawbones, Rawlins, Rawlinson, Ray, Raye, Rayfield, Rayleton, Rayman, Rayner, Raynoldes, Raynolds, Raysden, Raysell, Read, Reade, Reader, Readman, Readmun, Reaks, Reakwater, Real?, Reason, Redman, Redshaw, Redwell, Reed, Reed?, Reefe, Reeler, Reeve, Reeves, Reighnolds, Resplye, Reynolds, Rhodes, Rich, Richard, Richardes, Richards, Richardson, Richm??d, Richman, Richmon, Richwater, Rickard, Ricket, Rickett, Rickid, Rickwater, Riddle, Ride, Rider, Rigby, Rigden, Rigdon, Rime, Risbright, Rise, Ritch, Ro?a?e, Roase, Robarts, Roberts, Robeson, Robins, Robinson, Robison, Robson, Rochester, Rochford, Rockclief, Rockcliff, Rockhill, Rocklief, Rockliff, Rockliffe, Rodgeris, Rodwell, Roe, Roger, Rogers, Rolf, Rolls, Rolph, Rolyn, Romney, Romnye, Rook, Roose, Roper, Rose, Rositer, Ross, Rosse, Rossee, Rossiter, Rotchford, Rotchforde, Rotchforth, Rotherfield, Rothforth, Rough, Rouland, Rous, Rouse, Row, Rowe, Rowell, Rowlan, Rowland, Rowlande, Rowley, Ruart, Ruck, Rucke, Ruffe, Ruffin, Ruffine, Rumney, Rumny, Rushney, Russe, Russel, Russell, Rutland, Ryden, Rys, Sa¯mon, Saddleton, Saddlington, Sadler, Sadlington, Saer, Saers, Saffery, Saffory, Saffrey, Sage, Saier, Saiers, Sallard, Salmon, Sambrooks, Same, Samin, Samon, Samson, Sand, Sanders, Sandford, Sands, Sandwich, Sanford, Sanforde, Sankin, Sankins, Sannidge, Sans??, Santlye, Sares, Sarswich, Saunders, Sauony, Savidge, Savin, Sawle, Sawyer, Saxby, Saxton, Sayer, Sayers, Saywell, Saon, Scarborough, Scath, Schivier, Scholes, Sciffyear?, Sckott, Scoales, Sconce, Scones, Sconne, Scot, Scott, Scotte, Scourge, Scovell, Scultupp, Scutter, Se¯uth, Sea, Seaby, Seager, Seagers, Seakes, Seal, Sealey, Seaman, Sear, Seare, Seares, SearSea, Seater, Seath, Seattergood, Sedger, Seeley, Seely, Seers, Selby, Selbye, Sell, Sellen, Sells, Selwyn, Seman, Seward, Sexton, Seymour, Sh?mston, Shadwell, Sharp, Sharpe, SharpSharpe, She?yard, Sheffield, Shepe, Shephe, Shepheard, Shepherd, Sheplie, Sheplin, Shepline, Sheplyn, Sheplyne, ShepperdSheppard, Sher?????, Sherife, Sheriffe, Sherlock, Sherperd, Sherston, Sherstone, Sherwood, Shester, Shilder, Shilling, Shintley, Ship, Shipton, Shipwright, Shipwrite, Shirley, Shore, Shornden, Short, Shorter, Shrivington, Shrubb, Shrubsal, Shrubsall, Shrubsall?, Shrubsell, Shrubshall, Shrubshull, Shrubshulljun.r, Shrubsole, Shurley, Sim¯ons, Simcocke, Simends, Simes, Simkins, Simmonds, Simmons, Simms, Simonds, Simone, Simpson, SimpsonSmisson, Simson, Sindrey, Sindry, Singer, Sinocke, Sisemor, Sisemore, Sisemors, Sismer, Sittinguard, Sivington, Sivyer, Skeer, Skilder, Skinn, Skinner, Skuborough, Slade, Slaughter, Sloth, Slow, Slowstreet, Sm?sh, Small, Smalle, Smarte, Smedlye, Smeed, SmisonSmisson, Smisson, Smith, Smithe, Smoring, Smothing, Smothinge, Smyth, Smythe, Snarfe, Snashall, Snelling, Snellinge, Snip, Snoards, Snoden, Snodin, Snodon, Snoke, Snooke, So‾mmer, Soans, Sole, Solle, Sommer, Somner, Son, Sonning, Soughton, South, Southern, Southfarme, Southsame, Southwell, Sowthwell, Sparkes, Sparrow, Sparrowe, Spatchurs, Spatchurst, Spence, Spencer, Spender, Spendiff, Spenny, Spice, Spicer, Spickhurst, Spillet, Spillett, Spinks, Spinne, Spinnye, Spittle, Spon?n?s, Spooman, Spooner, Spore, Spratt, Spright, Springate, Springer, Springet, Springett, Spuraway, Spurway, Spurwaye, Squire, Sslaughter, Stace, Stacey, Stagg, Staiden, Staines, Stains, Stand, Standen, Standing, Standley, Standlie, Stanford, Stanley, Stannerd, Staple, Staples, Start, Startly, Startoppe, Startup, Stawpeth, Steady, Steele, Steephens, Steere, Steeven, Steevens, Steger, Stemings, Stencher, Stephens, Stephenson, Sterling, Stevens, Stevenson, Stibbing, Stickings, Stinings, Stirling, Sto‾nerde, Stoakes, Stock, Stoke, Stokes, Stonard, Stonarde, Stone, Stonehouse, Stoner, Stonerd, Stonestreete, Stonnard, Stonnerde, Stookes, Stoone, Storey, Storie, Storin, Story, Stow, Stowte, Str??g, Stradling, Straine, Stramd/Stame?, Stranger, Strayne, Strayns, Streat, Streatfeild, Streatfield, Street, Strimmer, Stronge, Stroud, Strouts, Stubberfield, Stubberne, Studham, Stuntley, Sturgeon, Sturgin, Sturgion, Sturmey, Sturston, Stye, Styles, Such, Sudbery, Sudbury, Suite, Sullivan, Sulliven, Sum¯er, Sum‾ers, Sumer, Sumers, Summer, Summers, Sums, Suoth, Sutton, Swan, Swaney, Swanton, Swayland, Swayne, Sweate, Sweetelove, Sweethen, Sweething, Sweetland, Sweetlove, Sweny, Swiffinton, Swift, Swinton, Swinyard, Sword, Syemore, Sylett, Sym¯onds, Symmons, Symms, Symon, Symonds, Symons, Syms, Symson, Tabi, Tabrett, Tagg, Tailor, Tamber, Tamkin, Tanner, Tapenden, Tapien, Tappenden, Tappendens, Tapshead, Tarp, Tarpe, Tasker, Tate, Tattenden, Taunton, Taverner, Tawnton, Tayeler, Tayler, Taylor, Taylro, Te?mon, Teekins, Telling, Templeman, Tems, Tenche, Terndoan, Terndon, Terrey, Terry, Tester, Tewgrass, Thacker, Thannipe, Thatcher, Theobald, Theobold, Thirkle, Thomas, Thompson, Thomsett, Thomsley, Thomson, Thornden, Thornlyn, Thornton, Thorntone, Thorp, Thropshall, Thurley, Thurston, Tibbs, Tickrum, Ticktham, Ticktum, Tickturn, Tie, Tiffany, Tilbe, Tilby, Tilden, Tilford, Tilforde, Tindry, Tipper, Tiser, Tisur, Todd, Toefield, Toes, Tofield, Tolbutt, Tolhurst, Tollhurst, Tollurst, Tolpot, Tolpott, Tolputt, Tomber, Tomblin, Tomkin, Tomlin, Tomlinson, Tomlyn, Tompson, Tomsett, Tomson, Tong, Tonge, Tonnge, Tonson, Toobye, Toput, Torey, Torndon, Torner, Torrey, Touchstone, Toul, Towbridge, Town, Towne, Townley, Townly, Townsend, Tramsom, Transham, Transon, Travell, Trice, Tricke, Trilliner, Trinbest, Tromson, Trotter, Troughton, Trout, Trouts, Troward, Trowell, Trowte, Trowtes, Trowts, Troymer, Trull, Tuchner, Tucker, Tudor, Tufton, Tull, Tunbridge, Tundin, Tunkins, Tunley, Turk, Turkhill, Turley, Turner, Turtle, Turton, Twig, Twoork, Twymar, Tybott, Tyce, Tye, Tylden, Tyler, Tylforde, Tyne, Tyser, Udale, Udall, Ugler, Ulet, Ulett, Ulgat, Ulgate, Umphrye, Underdown, Underhill, Underwood, Ungley, Ungly, Unglye, Unknown, Upton, Usher, Vallance, Vallence, Vaugham, Vaughan, Vaughon, Vauyell, Verselyne, Vickett, Vilet, Vilett, Vilette, Villott, Vinall, Vincent, Viney, Violet, Violett, Voakes, Voaks, Vokes, Vopjoy, Vylet, Wacher, Wad, Wader, Wadley, Wadlington, Wadwell, Wagener, Waghorn, Waghorne, Wagstafe, Wakam, Wake, Wakefield, Wakelyn, Waker, Wal?es, Walcher, Walchers, Waldish, Walker, Walkinson, Wallen, Waller, Wallerd, Wallis, Walmsley, Walse, Walshe, Walter, Walters, Walther, Walton, Ward, Warde, Warden, Wardhuse, Ware, Wareham, Warington, Warmer, Warmsley, Warner, Warren, Warrener, Warrington, Washer, Waterer, Waterman, Waters, Waterton, Watkins, Watson, Watters, Watterton, Wattes, Watts, Wattson, Weaver, Web, Webb, Webbe, Webber, Webster, Weebbe, Weeck, Weed, Weedon, Weekes, Weeks, Weke, Wekland, Welch, Weldishe, Weldon, Wellar, Wellard, Welle, Weller, Welles, Welling, Wells, Welman, Wenborn, Wes, Wesey, West, Westby, Weste, Westerby, Western, Westley, Westly, Weston, Wetherell, Wetter, Wetton, Wetts, Weymarsh?, Weynard, Weynarde, Wharfe, Wharton, Wheatland, Wheatlim, Wheatlye, Wheaton, Wheitnold, Whetland, Whetstone, Whibley, Whinderton, Whinell, Whinnell, Whitby, Whitcliff?, White, Whitehead, Whitemarsh, Whiteway, Whithead, Whitheott, Whitland, Whitnal, Whitnall, Whitnell, Whitshol, Whitt, Whitte, Whittingham, Wholecraft, Whood, Whysome, Wiatt, Wibond, Wiboron, Wiborowe, Wibowne, Wickenden, Wickens, Wickes, Wickham, Wicks, WicksWeeks, Wide, Widgeon, Widget, Widgett, Widgier, Wier, Wife, Wifford, Wiforde, Wiggens, Wiggett, Wiggins, Wilby, Wildash, Wildesh?, Wildish, WildishWildash, Wiles, Wiley, Wilford, Wilforde, Wilfords, Wilkins, Wilkinson, Wilks, Wilkshier, Willcox, Willes, Willet, Williams, WilliamsChurch, Williamson, Willis, Willkinson, Willmson, Willow, Wills, Willson, Willyard, Wilmott, Wilsford, Wilson, Wimble, Winch, Windy, Winfield, Winford, Winge, Wingfield, Wingford, Winkfeild, Winkle, Winn, Winne, Winnell, Winter, Winters, Winton, Wintringham, Wire, Wise, Wisterton, Wiston, Witheott, Witherden, Witnal, Witnell, Woddest, Wolling, Wolnoe, Wood, Woodd, Woode, Woodgate, Woodgreen, Woodhouse, Woodhurst, Woodland, Woodlann, Woodman, Woodward, Woolen, Woolet, Woolett, Wooley, Woollet, Woolley, Wootten, Wootton, Wordington, Workinton, Worley, Worlington, Wotten, Wotton, Woulgate, Wraight, Wray, Wrede, Wreight, Wright, Wroughton, Wy?nell, Wyat, Wyborowe, Wyckham, Wyles, Wylliams, Wynne, Wytheott, Yeates, Yeilding, Yelland, Yemes, Yenes, Yeoman, Yo‾nge, Yong, Yonge, Yorke, Yorle, Young, Younge.