Marriage Indexes (BMD Indexes)

bmdregisterThe Birth, Marriage and Death indexes are lists of people, arranged by surname, in the quarter in which the event occurred (Jan - Mar, Apr - Jun, Jul - Sep, Oct - Dec), from 1837 to the current day. Different amounts of information are available depending on the type of index and the date it was recorded.

E.g. If Mabel Smith was married on February 2nd 1892 her entry would be found in the first quarter of the year 1892, under Smith. What must be remembered when using these registers, however is that you have 6 weeks to register an event and so someone married in December 1892 might also be found in the first quarter of 1893. Different events have different amounts of information available to view, as do different dates.

Mabel Smith, married in 1837, would have a Surname, Forenames (or initials), District of Registration, Volume and Folio Number. But Mabel Smith, born in 1912 (and later) would also have her spouse's surname listed.

Smith, Mabel S Jones Sittingbourne 2b 356

The letters and numbers at the end of the entry tell you the volume the event is registered in, and the page number. This is important to note if you wish to send off for the birth certificate.

If you are searching on FreeBMD or Ancestry, you can then find the spouse by clicking on the page number. Anyone on the same page were married on the same day, at the same place - this will then enable you to narrow down potential spouses. If you are viewing the original transcripts, however, you would need to know the spouse's surname in order to find them.

It is also worth mentioning that there are two versions of these indexes, from the General Register Office and the Local Register Office. The original lists are held by the Local Register Offices and were then transcribed into a central index at the General Register Office. As with all human transcriptions mistakes were made and omissions occurred. If you can't find your ancestor in the GRO index it is always worth consulting a LRO index!


Available to view at:

FreeBMD Free BMD provide many of the national birth, marriage and death registers online for free. They have a search engine which makes finding your ancestors a lot easier. It should be noted, however, that the registers are not complete so if you can't find your ancestor it may not mean their birth, marriage or death entry doesn't exist. There are also transcription discrepancies as each entry has been typed into the database - e.g. if you're searching for the surname Jeffrey you might find it spelt Jeffery, Jeffrey, Jeffreys, depending on how clear the original was. It might be worth using wildcard characters to search, e.g. Jeff*.
BMD Index BMD provide access to all birth, marriage and death registers from 1837 onwards, by subscription. From 1837 to 1984 these are viewable as images arranged by date, and then alphabetically. From 1984 onwards the registers are in a searchable database. provide lots of useful resources to help you to research your family tree. BMD indexes, Census Returns, Military Records and lots more. You can also build your family tree online and share it with others. Most of these services are available by subscription only. There is a library edition that is free to access from your local KCC library and allows limited facilites to be used free of charge on the website.


Marriage Registers

Marriage records have been kept by English churches since the Sixteenth Century and while some have been lost or damaged over time many are available for researchers to view. These can be availble from your local archive centre, the National Archives at Kew, online, or can be purchased on CD.

Marriage records can include:
County, Place, Church, Register entry numbe, Date of marriage, Groom's forename, Groom's surname, Groom's age, Groom's parish. Note: it is only usually stated if the parish of residence of the groom is different from the parish where the marriage took place. This is not necessarily the place of birth, Groom's condition (e.g. bachelor or widower), Groom's occupation, Groom's abode (1837 onwards only, Bride's Forename, Bride's Surname, Bride's age, Bride's parish (If stated. Note: it is only usually stated if the parish of residence of the bride is different from the parish where the marriage took place. This is not necessarily the place of birth), Bride's condition (e.g. spinster or widow), Bride's occupation, Bride's abode (1837 onwards only.), Groom's Father's name (post 1837 marriages, but occasionally earlier), Groom's Father's occupation (post 1837 marriages, but occasionally earlier), Bride's Father's first name, Bride's Father's surname, Bride's Father's occupation, Witness names (usually only 1754 and later), Notes (any side notes in the register)

The HRGS hold a copy of the transcriptions by the Kent Family History Society of marriages in the following parishes, from 1558 onwards:

Alkham, Barming, Bearsted, Buckland by Dover, Eastchurch, Eastwell, Faversham, Harty, Hawkhurst, Leeds, Lenham, Leysdown, Minster in Sheppey, Newington next Hythe, Postling, Queenborough, Rainham, Sittingbourne, Trottiscliffe.

Not all parishes have complete records.
The HRGS are happy to perform specific lookups for free but always appreciate a small donation to keep our group going! Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with a request.

The HRGS also hold microfilms of the Milton Parish Marriage registers which contain the following records:
Marriages 1538-1697
Marriages 1695-1781
Marriages 1782-1812
Marriages 1813-1837
Marriages 1837-1865
Marriages 1865-Jun 1871
Marriages 1865-1887
Marriages 1837-1865
Marriages 1865-1887
Marriages 1754-1812
Marriages 1887-1906
Marriages 1906-1939
Marriages 1939-1947
Marriages 1947-1950

Before you were allowed to marry within the Church of England a marraige license had to be obtained or the banns had to be read three times within the parish church, to ensure there was no reason for you not to be allowed to marry. The following banns registers are also held:

Banns 1760-1780
Banns 1780-1823
Banns 1857-1877
Banns 1939-1950
Banns 1760-1780
Banns 1780-1823
Banns 1857-1877

We also hold the Marriage and Banns registers for St Paul's Church, Milton for the following years:

Marriages 1903-1910 (St Paul's Church)
Marriages 1910-1925 (St Paul's Church)
Marriages 1925-1949 (St Paul's Church)
Banns 1928-1949 (St Paul's Church)


Marriages 1900-1904 (The Abbey Church, Minster-in-Sheppey)
Marriages 1904-1914 (The Abbey Church, Minster-in-Sheppey)



Pallot's Marriage Index

Pallot's Index to Marriages covers all but two of the 103 parishes in the old City of London, England. Information available includes: spouses names, marriage date and parish of marriage. The dates span the time from 1780 to the onset of General Registration in 1837. The more than 1.5 million marriage entries come mainly from London and Middlesex, but also include entries from 2500 parishes in 38 counties outside of London-many not available in other sources. Also included are several records from counties in Wales.


Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates

Information available on Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates:

District, Date & Place of Birth,
Child's ForeNames & Surname, Child's Sex,
Father's Name, Fathers Place of Birth, Father's Occupation,
Mother's Name, Mother's Occupation, Mother's Place of Birth, Mother's Usual Address,
Informant's Name, Informants Qualification, Informant's Address, Informant's Signature,
Date of Registration,Registrar's Name & Signature,
Child's Revised Name (if any, after registration).

District, Church, Parish, Location,
Date of Marriage, Forename & Surnames, Ages,
Marital Conditions, Professions, Addresses,
Father's Forename & Surname, Father's Occupations, for both parties present.
Witness names, Priest/Vicar's Name,& Signature

District, Location, Date & Place of Death,
Forename & Surname, Sex, Maiden Name,
Date & Place of Birth, Occupation, Usual Address,
Informant's Forename & Surname,
Informant's Qualification, Informant's Address,
Cause of Death, Signature of Informant,
Registration Date, Registrar's Signature.


How to Order Kent Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates