Newcastle Courant - Saturday 08 September 1781

Transcribed by G. Lamb, for the HRGS.


Whereas ROBERT WOOD stands charged on oath with robbing the dwelling-house of the Rev. Dr Pennington, at Tunstall, near Sittingbourne, Kent, in the month of July last, of several ruffled shirts, marked P.F.P. with a figure; some white handkerchiefs, with a red border, marked P. two red handkerchiefts marked E. 78; two or three short white waistcoats, a pink waistcoat, two or three pair of shoes, marked with a number, and the day of the month when they were bought; several pair of white silk and thread stockings, marked P. and numbered; a pair of small square silver buckles, several cambrick stocks, marked P.F.P. some silver spoons, &tc. and a sage green coat.

Whoever will apprehend the said Robert Wood, or give such information to the above office, as may be the means of apprehending him, shall receive Three Guineas Reward from teh said Dr Pennington.

N.B. The said Robert Wood is about 23 years of age, five feet seven inches his, is slight made, dair hair and eye-brows, fair complexion, stoops, has a great nose, generally wears a neckcloth and silk handkerchief round his neck; had on a light great coat, and large hat; comes from Milsted, near Sittingbourne, in Kent; is a labourer, and is supposed to be now in London.