Sussex Advertiser - Monday 06 December 1784

Transcribed by G Lamb, for the HRGS.


The public Attention is requssted [sic] to the following remarkable instance fo the Virtues of the ORIENTAL VEGETABLE CORDIAL.


A VERY particular Regard to the Interest and Happiness of my fell Creatures, in thankful Gratitude for a Restoration to Health from the most excruciating Pain that ever tormented the human Frame, obliges me to desire you to convey to the Public a Knowledge of the Blessings and Comforts I received from the ORIENTAL VEGETABLE CORDIAL.  Disorders of a most serious Nature deprived me of every sensitive Faculty; thus debilitated and enervated, I was the Pity of my Neighbours, who all endeavouring to revive me, had Physicians from every Quarter o this County, without relieving me in the least; and the Continuance of my Affliction brought on me internal Pains no Medicine could assuage; but persuaded of the Efficacy of the VEGETABLE CORDIAL, I have taken six Bottles; my Spirits are restored, my Digestion improved, and I now enjoy Health with more real Cumplacency [sic] and Ease than I remember.  I still adhere to a Dose every other Day, by which I find my Appetite in most perfect Restoration, and myself in the greatest Composure.  If the Publication of this will serve Mankind, you have my Leave to advertise it.

I am, Sir, your very humble Servant


Curate of Sittingbourne, Kent

Sittingbourne, Aug. 13, 1784.