Collected from various lectures & courses run by R Grimes.

Maps & Plans.
3.    Norwood Moat, Bobbing.
4.    An Aerial Photograph of Frognal Manor, Teynham.
5.    A copy of a 1720 map of Frognal Manor, Teynham.
6.    1590 drainage superimposed on a modem O/S map.
7.    Bayford Court Sittingboume.
8.    1590 map showing Bayford Court, Sittingboume.
9.    Castle Rough on Kemsley Downs.
10.    Key Street, Bobbing.
11.    Religious Houses & Hospitals in Kent
12.    Medieval Pilgrim Routes through Kent.
13.    Hospitals & Almshouses in Medieval Kent.
14.    Distribution of Cumbrian Group VI Axes.
15.    Dispersal of Jadeite Axes.
16.    The Pilgrims Way from Canterbury.
17.    Offerings at Canterbury Cathedral from 1213 to 1532.
18.    Land ownership & Use, Lower Halstow.
19.    Apportionment Table to Land ownership & Use, Lower Halstow. (18)
20.    Land Use, Lower Halstow etc.
21.    A section of the archaeological map for Lower Halstow, Newington.
22.    Distribution of the Cornish Group I Axes.
23.    A Geological map showing Neolithic extraction of Lithic Material
24.    A duplicate of # 19 (Distribution of the Cornish Group I Axes.)
25.    Luard’s plan of the Bath House, Allens Farm, Plaxtol.
26.    Section of the O/S map for Plaxtol showing Allen's Farm.
27.    Outline map showing divisions within Dux Field Plaxtol.
28.    An extract from the O/S map showing Allen's Farm Plaxtol.
29.    An extract from the O/s map showing Allen' s Farm Plaxtol.
30.    May 1963, RAF AlP Dux Field, Plaxtol.
31.    An extract from Arch' Cant' showing Allen's Farm Plaxtol.
32.    A 1588 map showing the Fleet on the Medway at Rochester.
33.    A 1633 map of Rochester.
34.    CAT plan of watching brief at Dover Castle.
35.    CAT plan of Inner Bailey, Dover Castle, 1990.
36.    A Geophyz' plot for Teynham Church, land to south of.
37.    A Geophys' plot for Boxted Roman Villa, Lower Halstow.
38.    Aerial Photo of Dux Field Plaxtol.
39.    Romano - British Kent.
40.    Extract from County Archaeological map, Teynham area.
41.    Extract from a Teynham map.
42.    The evolution of Teynham Church
43.    ? BUILDINGS.
44.    The Chequer of Hope, Site of, Canterbury.
45.    Parish Church ofSt. Dunstan, Canterbury.
46.    'Finches' Milstead.
47.    Interior & Exterior 'The Plough' East Street, Sittingbourne.
48.    Teynham Church from the south.
49.    'Roper House' Canterbury.
50.    Murston Old Church.
51.    Westfield House Sittingbourne. & Frognal Manor, Teynham
52.    Aylesford High Street, C2000
53.    Newington Church, Wall Painting.
54.    A duplicate of# 46.
56.    " Bones"
57.    2 neonate skeletons, Ospringe.
58.    Canine remains found with 57 above, Ospringe.
59.    Skull of an Australopithecine,
60.    Neanderthal Skulls.
61.    Roman Tile Kiln, Plaxtol.
62.    Reused Roman material in medieval foundation trench
63.    Medieval foundations & wall south side Teynham Church.
64.    Various notes on a talk on Roman Pottery found at Plaxtol.
65.    Small Globular necked drinking vessel found at Plaxtol.
66.    Small pot found in conjunction with 65 above at Plaxtol,
67.    # 65 above under excavation at exit of tile kiln.
68.    Post hole, Roman tile kiln, Plaxtol. Kiln was roofed, rare.
69.    Exit fire channel, tile kiln, Plaxtol.
70.    # 66 above under excavation.
71.    Tile kiln looking north, Plaxtol
72.    A Beaker.
73.    A Beaker.
74.    A Beaker.
76.    West Kennet Long Barrow.
77.    Medway Megaliths, 'Chestnuts'.
78.    Medway Megaliths, 'Coldrum'
79.    Cairn Holy, Wigtownshire.
80.    Sutton Hoo.
81.    An Angel in a Gloustershire Churchyard.
82.    A pre-historic timeline.
83.    Pilgrim Badges. (Canterbury)
84.    More Pilgrim Badges.
85.    6 Sheets of various copies of the Goddess Minerva
86.    2 source lists
87.    Map of Archbishop’s Manors