Reference and Borrowing Items

Anyone is welcome to view the HRGS library at meetings or by appointment but as reference books only. To borrow the books you must be a member of the HRGS (become a member). HRGS members are required to produce their membership cards when borrowing books. 

Since the inception of the HRGS the library has grown, by purchases and donations, to over 400 items. It is an eclectic mix of academic treatises and articles, official reports, maps and accessible introductions to a range of subjects.

Naturally the core collection is the local history of Sittingbourne and the surrounding area, but crafts, archaeology, land tenure, architecture, palaeography and genealogy are some of the many subjects included.

The library is located in our research room and books are available for members to browse and borrow for up to 2 months. A detailed subject index has been compiled and is also available at meetings. Copies of the printed alphabetical author/title catalogue are available to all members.

- HRGS Librarian

Abbey, Alan, The Sittingbourne Anomaly: The Seventeenth Century Plague in Sittingbourne  
Abbey, Alan, The HRGS Court Hall Project   
Abbey, Alan, The Manor of Frognal Within the Parish of Teynham   
Allen, Tim, Copperas  
Allinson, Helen, Borden: The History of a Kentish Parish   
Allinson, Helen, Hollingbourne: The History of a Kentish Parish   
Allinson, Helen, Life in the Workhouse   
Allinson, Helen, Parish Boundary Stones   
Allinson, Helen, The Plestor   
Allinson, Helen, The Story of Gore Court House and Estate, Tunstall   
Amos, Alan, Milton Court Primary School   
Andrews, George, Memories of Murston   
Armstrong, Alan, The Economy of Kent 1640-1914   
Arnold, Ralph, A Social History of England from...   
Arnold, Rollo, The 'Revolt of the Field' in Kent 1872-1879   
Ashton, T., The Industrial Revolution 1760 to 1830   
Aston, Mick, Interpreting the Landscape from the Air   
Ault, Warren, The Village Church + Community in Medieval England   
Austin, Rupert, The George Inn, Newington   
Ayto, Eric, Clay Tobacco Pipes   
Baker, Alan, Open Fields & Partible Inheritance on a Kent Manor   
Barrett, John, The Monumentality of Death   
Baugh, D., The Cost of Poor Relief in SE England 1790-1834   
Baxter, Alan & Associates, Mere Court and East Hall Farm, Murston   
Beach, B., Changing Corners of North Kent   
Bean, J., Plague, Population & Economic Decline in England   
Beaulah, Kenneth, Church Tiles of the Nineteenth Century   
Beeler, John, Castles & Strategy in Norman & Early Angevin England   
Bellingham, P., Sittingbourne and Milton   
Berry, George, Discovering Coins   
Bishop & Bagwell, Iwade: Occupation of a North Kent Village from   
Blaxland, Gregory, The Buffs   
Brabbs, D., England’s Heritage   
Bradshaw, J et al., Kent and East Sussex Underground   
Braun, Hugh, The Story of English Architecture   
Brigdan, Roy., Ploughs and Ploughing   
Briggs, Asa, Victorian Cities: Manchester; Leeds; Birmingham  
British Museum, Flint Implements   
Brooks, Nichola, The Organisation & Achievements of the peasants of Kent + Essex 1381   
Buxbaum, Tim, Pargeting  
Campbell, Miles, 'A Pre Conquest Norman Occupation of England?'   
Chalklin, C., New Maidstone Gaol Order Book 1805-23   
Child, Mark, Discovering Church Architecture   
Child, Mark, Discovering Churches and Churchyards   
Clancy, John, Cinemas of the Medway Towns   
Clancy, John, Sittingbourne Town Trail   
Clancy, John, Sittingbourne, A History   
Clancy, John, The Long Gone Cinemas of Swale   
Clancy, John, The Story of Brenchley House   
Clancy, John, The Story of Sittingbourne & Milton Regis   
Clark, Bryan, History of Murston's All Saints Churches Old and New   
Clark, Kenneth, Murder by Mistake   
Clark, Peter, 'Popular protest and Disturbance in Kent 1558-1640'   
Cockburn, J., 'Patterns of Violence in English Society'   
Cockett, Roger A C., Historical Assessment and Survey of Old Buildings   
Colwell, Stella, Tracing Your Family History   
Compass Archaeology, Land at the Northern End of Hawthorn Road   
Cooper, William, 'John Cade's Followers '   
Coss, P., Lordship, Knighthood & Locality   
Councer, C., Lost Glass from Kent Churches   
Cox-Wright, Elizabeth, 'Common Law in the 13th Century English Royal Forest'   
Crocker, Glenys, The Gunpowder Industry   
Croydon, Bill, Early Birds   
Crux, Michael, Living in Kent   
Cunnington, Pamela, How Old is Your House?   
Darby, H., 'Domesday Woodland'   
Davey, A. et al., The Care & Conservation of Georgian Houses   
Davis, Ralph, 'The Rise of Protection in England 1689-1786'   
de la Bedoyere, Guy, Architecture in Roman Britain   
de la Bedoyere, Guy, Aviation Archaeology in Britain   
de la Bedoyere, Guy, The Buildings of Roman Britain  
Dell, Simon, The Victorian Policeman   
Denny, Norman, The Bayeux Tapestry. The Norman Conquest 1066   
Dew, C., and Eastop D., 'Hide & Seek'   
Diack, Mick, A Bronze Age Settlement at Kemsley, nr Sittingbourne Kent   
Dick, S. and Allingham, H., The Cottage Homes of England   
Doel, Geoff 8 Fran, Mumming, Howling and Hoodening  
Drake, Michael, Time, Family & Community   
Duffy, Eamon, The Voices of Morebath   
Eales, Richard, 'Local Loyalties in Norman England'   
Eales, Richard, 'Royal Power & Castles in Norman England'   
Eales, Richard, The Kent Domesday   
Emery, Anthony, Discovering Medieval Houses   
Eveleigh, David, The Victorian Farmer   
Everitt, Alan, Continuity and Colonization   
Fairley, Charles, Born to Soldier   
Fairley, Michael, Bobbing   
Faithfull, Pamela, Lunatics in England & Wales   
Fearn, Jacqueline, Thatch and Thatching   
Field, John, Discovering Place Names   
Field-Willard, James, 'Inland Transportation in England During the 14th Century'   
Filmer, Richard, Kent Town Crafts   
Fisher, Thomas, The Kentish Traveller's Companion 1779   
Fleming, P., Charity, Faith and the Gentry of Kent 1422-1529   
Fleming, Robin, 'Domesday Estates of the Godwins'   
Fowler, W., 'Study of a Typical Medieval Village'   
Fox-Davies, Arthur, Complete Guide to Heraldry   
Freeman, J .W., Discovering Surnames   
Furley, Robert, The Rebellion of Jack Cade   
Gaffney, Chris, Revealing the Buried Past   
Gascoigne, Margaret, English Customs and Traditions   
Gelling, Margaret, Signposts to the Past   
Gifford, Edwin, Anglo Saxon Sailing Ships   
Goulden, Richard, 'Sittingbourne & Milton Regis Book Trade 1770-1900'   
Graunt, John, Natural and Political Observations made upon the Bills of Mortality Thomas   
Gravett, K., Timber & Brick Building in Kent   
Greene, K., Archaeology: An Introduction   
Gunnill, Mike, Upchurch in Old Picture Postcards   
Hammond, M., Bricks and Brickmaking   
Harris, Richard, Discovering Timber Framed Buildings   
Harvey, D., 'Locational Change in the Kentish Hop Industry'   
Haslam, Jeremy, Medieval Pottery   
Hawkins, Martin, Bygone Sheppey   
Hazell, Martin, Sailing Barges   
Henry-Claude, M. et al, Medieval Church Architecture   
Hind, J., 'The Invasion of Britain in AD43'   
Hindle, P., Medieval Roads and Tracks   
Hindle, P., Medieval Town Plans   
Hislop, M., Medieval Masons   
Hollingsworth, M & T., 'Plague Mortality Rates by Age & Sex in the Parish of St Botolphs'   
Hollister, Warren, '1066: The Feudal Revolution U.S'   
Hollister, Warren, 'The 5 hide Unit & the Old English Military Obligation'   
Holman, James, Archaeological Evaluation of land adjacent to Newington Court, Keycol   
Holton, Alexander, St. Michael's and All Angels, Sittingbourne; A History   
Hopker, David, Money or Blood   
Hoskins, W, The Making of the English Landscape   
Hoyt, Robert, 'Farm of the Manor & Community of the Vill in Domesday Book '   
Iredale, David, Discovering Local History   
Iredale, David, Discovering Your Old House   
Ison, Alf, A Secretary Hand ABC Book   
Jessup, Frank W, Kent History Illustrated   
Johnston, David, Roman Villas   
Jones, Anthea, A Thousand Years of The English Parish   
Jones, J. Bedworth, The History of Paradise Chapel, Milton Kent   
Jordan, Lena, Milstead Cricket Club   
Jordan, Lena, Strolling Through Milstead   
KAS., 17th Century Miscellany   
KCC., Living in Kent   
KCC., Milton Regis -Archaeological Assessment Document   
KCC., Sittingbourne-Archaeological Assessment Document   
Kearsey, E. Maslin, Kent Burrow   
Kendall, Alan, Medieval Pilgrims   
Kent Aviation Historical Research Society, Kent Airfields in the Battle of Britain   
Kent Historic Buildings Committee, The Historic Buildings Index; Swale Section   
Kent Messenger, A Bridge to the Future   
Kittredge, G., 'A Case of Witchcraft U.S'   
Knoop, Douglas., 'The English Medieval Quarry'   
Kosminsky, E., 'Services & Money Rents in the 13th Century'   
Krause, J., 'The Medieval Household'   
Landau, Norma, 'Independence, Deference and Voter Participation'   
Lang, Sean, British History for Dummies   
Laslett, Peter, 'The Gentry in Kent'   
Lazzeri, Joy, Bredgar Village School   
Lockhart, A., The Six Wives of Henry   
Marsh, Richard, The History of Sittingbourne Mill  
Mate, Mavis, 'Agrarian Economy After the Black Death'   
Mate, Mavis, 'Pastoral Farming in SE England in the 15th Century'   
May, Trevor, The Victorian Schoolroom   
May, Trevor, The Victorian Workhouse   
McCann, John, Clay and Cob Buildings   
McCooey, Chris, Kent Characters   
Meates, G., The Roman Villa at Lullingstone   
Midwinter, Arthur, The Church & Village of Tunstall Kent   
Millard, Louise, The Fields of Human Conflict   
Miller, Peggy, Life in Elizabethan London  
Mollett, J.W., An Illustrated Dictionary of Antique Art and Archaeology   
Monod, Paul, 'Dangerous Merchandise'   
Morris, Janet, A Latin Glossary For Family and Local Historians   
Mountfield, David, Stage and Mail Coaches   
Munden, A., Eight Centuries of Education in Faversham   
Muskett, P., 'Deal smugglers in the 18th century'   
Musson, J., How to Read a Country House   
Muthesius, Stefan, The English Terraced House  
Newington Parish Council, Newington The Guide   
Oakes, Bryan, 50 Years of Shell Research at Sittingbourne 1945-1995  
Ogley, Bob, Kent A Chronicle of the Century   
Oliver, Richard, Ordnance Survey Maps a guide for historians   
Oxford Archaeology, A2 Pepperhill to Cobham, Archaeological Landscape   
Painter, Sidney, 'Castle Guard U.S'   
Painter, Sidney, 'English Castles in the Early Middle Ages'   
Palmer, Geoffrey, Archaeology A to Z   
Parkin, E. W., 'The Old Chantry House, Bredgar' in Archaeologia Cantiana, Vol. XCI (Ashford; Kent Archaeological Society, 1976)p.87   
Payne, George, Collectanea Cantiana   
Pearse, Bowen, Kent Heroes   
Pegues, Franklin, 'A Monastic Society at Law in the Kent Eyre of 1313-14'   
Pennington, Claire, UK Cinema admissions in 1960's   
Perks, Richard-Hugh, George Bargebrick Esquire  
Peters, J., Discovering Traditional Farm Buildings   
Pluckrose, Henry, Churches  
Pluckrose, Henry, Houses   
Pols, Robert, Dating 19th Century Photographs  
Porter, Roy, Formation to Reformation   
Postan, M., 'Village Livestock in the 13th Century'   
Powell, Christopher, Discovering Cottage Architecture   
Prescott, R & Atkinson, D., 'Battleships to Buildings'   
Price, L., The Story of Heraldry   
Raistrick, Arthur, Industrial Archaeology  
Ravensdale, Jack, History on your doorstep   
Ravensdale, Jack, In the Steps of Chaucer's  
Reed, Mark, Kent Bottles  
Reid, Nina Brigden, Isle of Sheppey  
Rich, Ann, Stockbury, A Stroll Through The Past  
Richmond, C., 'Fauconberg's Kentish rising of May 1471'   
Roberts, J M., The Earliest Men and Women   
Roden, R., 'Field Systems of the Chiltern Hills and Parts of Kent'   
Rodmersham Parish Council, Rodmersham 2000   
Rouse, E Clive, Medieval Wall Paintings   
Rymill, John, Sheppey Memories of the 1940/50s  
Sabine, Ernest., 'Butchering in Medieval London'   
Sabine, Ernest., 'City Cleaning in Medieval London'   
Sabine, Ernest., 'Latrines & Cesspools of Medieval London'   
Sackett, British Life a Century Ago   
Saffery, Martin, Milton Regis Trail   
Sattin, D., Barge Building & Barge Builders of the Swale   
Searle, Eleanor, 'The Defense of England and the Peasants Revolt'   
Selby, Elizabeth, Teynham Manor & Hundred 798-1935  
Sheffield, Derek, This Forgotten Place   
Sherlock, D., St. Augustine's Abbey   
Shore, W., Teignmouth Kent   
Simkin, John, The Normans   
Simkins, Peter, Cabinet War Rooms  
Sittingbourne & Milton UDC, Official Guide  
Sittingbourne Football Club, An Outline of History 1886-1927   
Sittingbourne, Public Library, 'Local History Card Index to April 2006'   
Smith, Reginald, A., Flints  
St Mary of Charity, Faversham, Built to Inspire   
Stanier, Peter, Quarries and Quarrying   
Stenton, Frank, 'The Road System of Medieval England'   
Stevens, Michael & June, The History of Cryalls House   
Stevenson, John, British Society 1914-45   
Swain, Eric, Famous Kent   
Swale Borough Council, Church Marshes Country Park. Audience development plan   
Swale Borough Council, Swale Forward  
Swan, Vivien, Pottery in Roman Britain   
Swann, J., Shoemaking  
Tames, Richard, The Victorian Public House  
Tatlock, J., 'The Dragons of Wessex and Wales'   
Taylor, Richard, How To Read A Church  
Thompson, M J, The Story of Brenchley House   
Thompson, M, W., The Decline of the Castle   
Thorndike, Lynn, 'Sanitation, baths & street cleaning in the middle ages'   
Ticehurst, Brian J., Titanic Passenger Miss Kate Buss of Sittingbourne  
Times, Atlas of Past Worlds  
Times, Atlas of World History   
Toulson, Shirley, The Drovers   
Tubbs, D., Kent Pubs  
Twist, Syd, Stock Bricks of Swale   
Twist, Syd, The History of Murston Village and Parish   
Unknown, Domesday Survey - Kent   
Unknown, Equivalent Contemporary Values of the Pound 1270-2007  
Unknown, 'Historic Temperatures in England 1659-1700'   
Unknown, Kent in the 20th Century  
Unknown, London in the Olden Time   
Unknown, Oral History Day School Notes  
Unknown, Palaeography Notes  
Usborne, Alison, The Rise of the Yeoman Class   
Van Lemmen, Hans, Medieval Tiles   
Vince, John, Discovering Saints in Britain   
Vincent, Alex, The Lost Churches and Chapels of Kent   
Walker, Philip, Woodworking Tools   
War Department, USA, Instructions for American Servicemen in Britain 1942   
Ware, Michael, Canals and Waterways   
Warren, Margaret D., Tall Oaks from Little Acorns Grow  
Webb, Michael, The Salvation Army Sittingbourne (517th) Corps  
Wernick, Robert, The Vikings   
Wild, John, Textiles in Archaeology  
Wilkinson, Paul, Archaeology   
Wilson, John, Language of Maps  
Winchester, Angus, Discovering Parish Boundaries   
Witney, K., 'The Economic Position of Husbandmen at the time of Domesday'   
Wolfe, Bertram, Parliamentary Opposition & Popular risings 1449-50   
Wood, Ian, 'The Mission of Augustine of Canterbury to the English'   
Wood, Michael, Domesday   
Wright, Christopher, A Guide to the Pilgrim's Way  
Wright, David, East Kent Parishes  
Wright, David, Kent Probate Records   
Wright, David, The Kentish Census Returns 1801-1901  
Wright, David, The West Kent Probate Index   
Wright, Geoffrey, Discovering Abbeys and Priories  
Yarwood, D., The Architecture of Britain   
Zell, Michael, Early Modern Kent 1540-1640   
Zell, Michael, 'The Personnel of the Clergy in Kent'