Oxford Journal - Saturday 10 March 1787

Transcribed by G. Lamb, for the HRGS.


The following singular and melancholy Circumstance lately happened at Mr. Diver's, a Farmer at Kingsdown, near Sittingbourn, in Kent.  On Sunday the 25th of February last, a decent looking Man came to Mr. Diver's House, and asked the Servants to let him Sleep in the Stable, which they consented to.  When they got up next Morning, they spoke to the Man, who seemed to be very well; they gave him some Beer, and went to work; but on their Return hom about Two o'clock, they found him lying dead in teh Bed he had made, having strangled himself in a very extraordinary Manner.  He had tied two pieces of Cord, one End of each round his Foot, and one End fo a third Piece round his Neck; the other Ends of all three Cords he had tied together, and then stretching down his Feet, had drawn that part of the Cord which was round his Neck so tight as to strangle him.  The Coroner's Inquest brought in their Verdict felo de se, and the Body was accordingly buried in t