The Scots Magazine - Friday 01 February 1788

Transcribed by G. Lamb, for the HRGS.


About the year 1781, being on a visit at Sittingbourne, in Kent, he became acquainted with a young lady there about twenty years of age, whose personal qualifications were the universal admiration of every one who had ever ffelt the happiness of seeing her.  The old Athenian, having always studied the fine arts, was a sensible judge and discriminator of the just line of beauty.-Though the experience of years had increased his knowledge, yet it had not impared the rigour of his robust constitution.-Disparity of age was no obstacle with the lady; and Mr Stuary, at the age of seventy-two, felt and returned all the happiness of an accepted lover.  The parties were soon after married; and the lady and her father and mother accompanied Mr Stuart to his house in Leicester-fields, where his parents found a welcome beyond their utmost hopes.  The fruits of their marriage are four children.  Mr Stuart died possessed of a considerable fortune amassed, as we have seen, by uprights assiduity alone, and has left an example to his family and the world to be forever revered.