Hampshire Chronicle - Monday 14 July 1788

Transcribed by G. Lamb, for the HRGS.


Extract of a letter from Canterbury, July 1.

Saturday afternoon a most dreadful thunder storm happened between Sittingbourn and Ospringe; at Bapchild two men and a woman were struck down by the lightning, and a child killed on the spot; it likewise entered the house of Colonel Montrefor, at Bellmont, near Ospringe, and in some degree injured the person of the Colonel, his Lady, and some of the servants.  This storm was attended with such an uncommon and instantaneous inundation, that it could only be compared to the bursting of a cloud; the rain poured down in torrents, and formed a rapid stream, carrying with it hedges and corn.  At Bapchild seven pigs were drowned, and the road was flowed to the height of three or four feet; many fields of corn are laid quite level, and the damage is very considerable.