Northampton Mercury - Saturday 15 October 1791

Transcribed by G. Lamb, for the HRGS.


Mr. Q--r--y, a gentleman of considerabe property, going on Monday last about two in the afternoon into his wife's dressing-room, there found Mr. -------, of Oxford-street, taking measure of her for a pair of stays - not in the ordinary way, but in a manner that caused him to kick the stitcher of whalebone and silk, down the stairs.  Mrs. Q-----y quite abashed, made an offer to quit the room-but her husband told her, she must remain there until he delivered her up to her father, and immediately departing, he locked the door, put the key in his pocket, and his coach being at the door, he went to the old gentleman.-In the mean time, the lady contrived to unlock the door, and taking her jewels, watches, and most of her clothes that were valuable, she send for a hackney coach and drove to the stay-maker's, where it was determined instantly to set out for Dover, and take a passage to that land of licentious liberty, France.-The husband and the father on their return finding the lady gone, pursued her to the stay-maker's, from whence the guilty pair had departed about an hour before, in a post-chaise for Dartford, on their way to Dover.-The husband and a Major S----, her cousin, pursued and overtook teh run-a-ways at Sittingbourne, and hiring a post-coach, the parte quarre, made the best of their way back to London, where it was meant to indict the lover as an accomplice in stealing the jewels-but unfortunately the coach breaking down opposite the half-way house on the Greenwich road, in the confusion the stay-maker made his escape.  The lady, however, was brought safe to town, cloaths, jewels, &c. and put under a proper guard at her father's, until she takes a walk into Doctor's Commons.  Mrs. Q---- is about thirty, a fine woman, and has six children living.