Derby Mercury - Thursday 24 November 1791

Transcribed by G. Lamb, for the HRGS.


The Duke and Duchess of York are arrived in London.  Their Royal Highnesses left Berlin the 17th fo October - arrived at Hanover the 25th - staid there eight days, and the prodeeded to Osnaburgh, where they resided four days (each day their Highnesses held a Court)-from thence they went to Brussels, where they met her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cumberland-here they staid one day.  They were obliged to prolong their route one day at Lisle in Flanders, in order to get their carriage repaired.  From Lisle they proceeded to Calais, where they detained since Monday last, owing to the tempestuous weather.  On Friday they arrived at Dover.-Their Royal Highnesses remained at Dover until Saturday morning at seven o'clock, when they set off for London,-breakfasted at Sittingbourne, and at half past five o'clock they arrived safe at York-House, Whitehall.