Ipswich Journal - Saturday 09 February 1793

Transcribed by G. Lamb, for the HRGS.


On Tuesday the following unpleasant circumstance took place: On the morning of that day Mr. Clarke, of the Stock Exchange, was married at Canterbury to Miss Macaree, of that place, and after the ceremony, set out in a post-chaise for London, but were stop'd between Sittingbourne and Rochester, by 3 or 4 footpads, who treated the parties very roughly, and turned them our of the carriage, emptied their cloaths of money, jewels, trinkets, and every valuable, even to the lady's wedding ring, leaving them only the cloaths which they had on.  The lady's cloaths were afterwards found in a field adjoining the road, near where the robbery was committed, but the robbers have hitherto evaded every search.