The Ipswich Journal - Saturday 20 May 1797

Transcribed by G. Lamb, for the HRGS.



The Royal Cornwall and West Norfolk regts. of militia marched from Canterbury on Monday last, under the command fo Gen. Fox, for Faversham, Ospringe, Sittingbourn, and Milton, where they are to remain till further orders.  The cause of this sudden change of quarters is said to be the mutinous behaviour of 4 or 500 dicontented men on board som fo the ships at Sheerness; some of whom are said to have landed in the Island of Sheppy, and behaved in a very rioutous manner, committing various excesses, and greatly alarming the inhabitants.

Friday night a man, named Rhodes, was detected sticking up some treasonable paper in Maidstone, addressed to the soldiery, inciting them to be dissatisfied with their condition, and persuading them to acts fo violence against the laws of their country.  He was admitted to bail, and the next day, on his examination, it appeared his employers were 2 strangers.

Saturday last was committed to Maidstone county gaol, Henry Fellows, charged with maliciously and advisedly printing and publishing on the 18th inst. in that town, a certain hand-bill, containing certain words and sentences, tending to incite or stir up the people to hatred or contempt fo the person of his Majesty, or the Government and Constitution of this realm, as by law established.