Yorkshire Gazette - Saturday 25 June 1831

Transcribed by G Lamb for the HRGS.


State of the Agricultural Labourers in Kent—On Sunday, a gentleman who arrived in London from the neighbourhood of Key-street, near Sittingbourne, has furnished us with the following particulars:—" The farmers around Sittingbourne, Ospringe, and Faversham, have lately been threatened, by the agricultural labourers in those districts, with a revival of those dreadful burnings and nocturnal depredations which were so general throughout the county during the early part of the past winter. The farmers are, in consequence, in a state of considerable alarm and trepidation for the fate, not only of their barns and stacks, but of their standing corn threats having been held out by the deluded peasantry that, 'after the destruction of the corn in hand, they will turn their attention, when ripe enough to burn, the farmers, therefore, are now busily employed in forming themselves into clubs and associations for the purpose of protecting their property from these threatened incendiary attacks, by means of a day and night patrol, which is to be constantly upon the look out. It is the general opinion in the county that the feelings of the labourers are acted upon by 'an ambushed party, and in that, this dreadful state of excitement is revived, and endeavoured to he kept alive to answer some political motive. If such be the fact, we trust that the really guilty parties will eventually be discovered and punished according to the magnitude of their crimes.