The Bibliotheca project was set up by the HRGS to allow anyone that wanted to write local history to publish their work in a simple and cost effective way. Once the work has been set out electronically it can be saved to a PC or other storage media, and produced in very small numbers (batches of 10 minimum) as required. This means that the writer does not need to print the large numbers usually required by commercial printers which not only cost a great deal in one lump sum but require a lot of storage too! A simple email to us is all that is needed to print off the next batch as and when required. Alternatively, a writer can simply pass on the study to the HRGS and receive twenty free copies of the finished publication in return. The monies raised will help the HRGS fund further local history research.

Thanks to grants from the Heritage Lottery Fund, Kent County Council and SITTINGBOURNE, KEMSLEY AND MILTON REGIS UNPARISHED AREA GRANTS COMMITTEE of Swale Borough Council, money was raised to buy a quality printing unit. This unit allows the HRGS to produce The Archive magazine as well as local study books such as The History of Paradise Chapel, The Sittingbourne Anomally, and The History of Cryalls House .

The books we publish come in three basic formats.

Parvulus - Smaller publications of up to 12 A5 pages can be produced with A4 paper folded and stapled into an A5 booklet.

Tantus - Larger publications of up to 28 A4 pages can be produced with A3 paper folded and stapled into an A4 booklet.

Ingens - The largest publication, those beyond 28 pages, can be produced with A4 paper comb bound with an acetate front cover and card back board.

The type font used is always 12 point Calibri as this is the most accessible style and size for those with sight problems. The comb binding system is used because it allows the book to be laid flat on a surface to read, making it easier to handle for some disabled readers and those students undertaking research and taking notes at the same time; a tricky business with ordinary books which always try and close unless pinned down! It should be noted that the comb binding is not designed to be bent back on itself and may become damaged if this is done.





As many photographs and pictures can be used as required in any publication and are always reproduced to a very good standard (dependent upon the quality of the original). However, to keep costs down all publications can only be produced in ‘Grey Scale’, not colour.


We are always happy to help local groups who are looking for reasonably-priced, small print runs.  If you would like more information please contact our publisher at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.