Who We Are...The HRGS is a non-profit-making organisation dedicated to understanding our history and heritage and helping others to do the same.  Much of our history has been lost or forgotten over the years. We cannot change the past but we can learn from it. The HRGS is working hard to research, record and publish as much of our heritage as possible. To this end our group began, recruiting members and sponsors from the local, and not so local, community.

The only qualification needed for membership is a love of history and whilst the members range in experience, their co-operative and supportive attitude is constant throughout. We are a proactive and interactive group in which new members are warmly welcomed and invited to take part in our many activities at whatever level they wish.

We encourage questions and help find answers. We believe in involving the whole family and run special historical events such as ‘Treasure Hunts’ to include members of all ages. We hold regular monthly meetings at various sites and museums, run training courses for those who would like to learn how to research for themselves, offer supported projects for members to work on in a small team and a friendly environment to do it all in.

The administration of the H.R.G.S. is undertaken by unpaid volunteers who wish to see the group fulfil its aims. Nevertheless the group has numerous costs i.e. insurances, meeting rooms hire, inks, paper, payment of external speakers and the purchase of documents, books and equipment.

The more significant items of equipment and documents are funded from grant monies applied for by the group’s committee, all other items and the day to day running expenses are paid for from the members’ subscriptions and the donations of many local businesses without which the group would struggle financially.

In December 2014 HRGS took on the role of running a local Archaeological Exhibition in the Forum at Sittingbourne. Over the next year we set about expanding the exhibitions, and as at January 2016 the Exhibitions include 2 local community digs: Bredhurst and Rose Hill as well as the Meads which was undertaken by Canterbury Archaeological Trust. The purpose of the Exhibition is to encourage local people to learn about Heritage and to have an opportunity to become involved in the research and the various projects we are championing.

The HRGS is a voluntary group - we couldn't function without the constant hard work and effort of our committee and members. So much goes on behind-the-scenes that many people are unaware of. We're always looking for people who are interested in getting involved.

For information about people already involved please see Who We Are....